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On a Yahoo story about how Trump is unpopular:


I'm an American grandmother and couldn't BELIEVE that Trump was running for president! My husband and I couldn't go out fast enough to vote against him, due to all the crude, offensive things he said about and to women!! But that was before I knew about the mass immigration problem in Europe, Tommy Robinson and the Muslim grooming gangs, etc. which led me to all these conservative videos, where I learned the TRUTH, and realized how the media lies about his policies, etc. I still am appalled at the crude, offensive things he has said about and to women, and his affairs with porn stars, etc. but now I see how the media makes him out to be a "racist" for things like tweeting about the South African farm murders and sharing videos about the Muslim takeover in England and Europe. He has the guts to speak up about these things! We all need to support him!

J Mo

You sound like a 'bot... even so, I will counter your post. The "crude" things he said about women are promoting and bragging about sexual assault. Way worse than being just crude. He is being investigated for illegal actions during his campaign where he possibly conspired with a foreign power - illegal; he has been supported by David Duke and the #$%$ all through his run for the White House; the affairs are one thing, but he is being investigated for paying multiple women off to suppress voters and to sway an election - that is illegal, let alone immoral; the South African farmers being murdered (which he saw on Fox News - he didn't even know about this until he watched TV) is "fake". The governments of two countries have come out and stated that what he said was not true and had evidence to back it up. Once he was proven to be lying, he stopped tweeting about it. He has left Puerto Rico and the USVI alone to rebuild after a devastating hurricane. He backed the white supremacy group in Charlottesville, saying there were "good people" on both sides. It is found that he has lied about more things as president that any other government official in recent history. He is dividing our country... he is not even trying to unite us... his deal with North Korea is a fraud... he is alienating our closest allies in Canada and the UK... There is nothing, repeat, NOTHING he has done right since being elected.


@J Mo Okay, yes you are right. I never thought about it like this before. I see now that everything you say is true. I have been deceived. AARGGHHH You honestly expect me to say that, don't you. Oh you people drive me nuts. OH I JUST WANT TO CRY, I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS, have you SEEN the LIES the media has said about him when he tweeted about South Africa white farm murders? Do you even know what is going on there? And he has the guts to speak up about the mass immigration problem in Europe! And then the mainstream media calls Antifa a black anti hate organization that we should support or else we are racist! IT'S INSANE! And have you SEEN the Farmlands documentary?? Watch it! WAtch Lauren Southern's entire channel, it is an eye opener! Watch all the videos on YouTube where white South Africans are thanking Trump for speaking up! The SA farm murders are not FAKE, and if you believe that, YOU are deceived. I have been following this story for about a year, about these murders, and Trump finally tweets about it and the media makes him out to be a racist! IT'S JUST INSANE! And it is not a "white supremacy" group in Charlottsville! I AGREE WITH EVERYTHING THAT GROUP SAYS! I have watched Jason Kessler's speech on YouTube and AGREE with it! It is not about "racism" or "white supremacy", can't you see that? Watch Red Ice TV on YouTube, watch Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern, learn about what is going on in England with Tommy Robinson and the Muslim grooming rape gangs, OPEN YOUR EYES.


@J Mo Not a bot, but well known online. Google her. (Editor's note: "TheOtherJane" attacked me like crazy on another story where I spoke up against RECREATIONAL DRUG USE, saying that smoking pot just for "fun" is not a good thing to do--I don't say anything that any other parent wouldn't say--and she claimed to be a mother of an autistic son and used "medical cannabis" for this and she is a good mother, blah blah blah. I busted a gut to help her understand that I am talking about RECREATIONAL DRUG USE, but it was like talking to a wall and she continued to say mean things to me and ridicule me.)




@Cindybin I just did and went to your blog. You actually like David Duke and don’t think he is racist. Are you friggin kidding me?


@TheOtherJane OH I CAN'T BELIEVE IT. I purposely posted links to his videos so you could see for yourself. GO WATCH THEM. I always believed the mainstream media as well, portraying him as an evil racist white supremacist Nazi, just like they portray Trump! I listened and LEARNED. I opened my eyes. Go watch all the videos I have posted and LEARN something. I have been watching THOUSANDS of these videos the past year and have really come to understand things I never understood before. Do you know who Tommy Robinson is? Have you heard of the Muslim grooming rape gangs? Do you know about the hit pieces they have written about Tommy, and Lauren Southern, etc. Go watch Lauren's Farmlands documentary, and then you will be furious about how the media has portrayed Trump as a racist for tweeting about this. Go learn about Antifa and you will be furious to find out how the media portrays this as a black, anti-hate group and that we are racist if we don't support it (all because Trump spoke up about the violent uprising and how Antifa is a violent group). The mainstream media honestly thinks that Trump said that because he thinks he will "protect us from the scary blacks." OH BROTHER.

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