Tuesday, September 25, 2018


Tommy speaks the truth! And these interviewers need to WATCH HIS VIDEOS to learn something! They obviously have not WATCHED him, so how can they be qualified to even interview him? I have watched Tommy and thousands of other videos. Have you all SEEN the videos of Muslim preachers speaking to huge groups of UK Muslim men, all of whom agree that stoning adulterers, killing gays and men and women sitting apart is a good thing? Even that having sex with a 9-year-old child is okay? MY GRANDDAUGHTER IS 9!! And these people claim to be the normal, everyday Muslims, not the radical extreme ones! How scary is that? And there are videos of Muslims bragging about how they will be the MAJORITY, due to their much higher birth rate. Statistics SUPPORT this! And when that happens, do you think they will be as nice to us as we are to them? Of course not! We will be FORCED to convert, or suffer the consequences! We need to support Tommy, and support FREEDOM OF SPEECH and enforce our borders and deport Muslims, it is the only answer!

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