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OH MY GOSH!!! I am just SICKENED at the attitude of many Americans! Yahoo just posted an article about how President Trump is speaking up about the white South African farmers being systematically murdered, and they make it sound like he is only doing this as an "attempt to deflect from the deepening legal crisis" surrounding him. OH MY GOSH!! THIS IS INSANE! And the COMMENTS under this article are HORRIFIC! All these people saying mean things about how he is supposed to keep America first and now he's worried about some other country. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE? I have been following the horrible, horrible plight of these white South African farmers for about a year, and there are tons and tons of YouTube videos about this! Watch Lauren Southern's "Farmlands" documentary! It is an eye opener! Lauren's documentary and many others tell of how the whites did NOT steal the land from the blacks! But now Yahoo and these horrible people who believe this stupid article and the statements from the HORRIBLE South African government are believing this! Do you people realize that the black leaders in South Africa stand up on stage and chant "kill the boer" (white farmer)? THEY CHANT THIS! THEY ARE ALL PROUD OF IT! And there is a systematic murder of white farmers, not just murder but HORRIFIC TORTURE, watch the tons of videos about this! I cannot believe the response of the American people when our president speaks up about this and tries to help make a difference! I am so upset I'm just shaking. I cannot believe Yahoo would publish a story like this, trying to make Trump look bad for speaking up about all this! And I am SICKENED by the mean, terrible comments! Here are some of the comments I saw on the Yahoo article, along with my replies to these people:

Trump attempts to shift focus to white South African farmers before posting furious 1.10am tweet, as pressure grows on president
The Independent  Tom Embury-Dennis,The Independent 2 hours 11 minutes ago
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Donald Trump has announced his administration will investigate the killing of white South African farmers, in an apparent attempt to deflect from the deepening legal crisis surrounding the US president.

Hours later, Mr Trump angrily denied collusion with Russia in an unusually late-night all caps tweet. “NO COLLUSION - RIGGED WITCH HUNT!” he wrote at 1.10am on Thursday morning.

The tweets come amid blanket media coverage the president appears increasingly unable to contain, over crimes committed by people formally in Mr Trump’s inner circle.

On Wednesday, it was revealed his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, would refuse any pardon from the president after he pleaded guilty to a number of charges, including one count of a campaign finance violation, a crime potentially implicating his former boss.

The plea came within moments of Paul Manafort, Mr Trump’s former campaign manager, being found guilty on eight counts of bank and tax fraud.

Mr Cohen in particular appears to pose a threat to Mr Trump's presidency. Lanny Davis, who was employed as Mr Cohen's lawyer last month, branded the president a "criminal" and said his client had "information" that would interest Robert Mueller, the special counsel investigating possible ties between the Trump administration and Russia.

Mr Trump’s decision to investigate issues surrounding white farmers in South Africa appeared to be inspired by a segment on Fox News’s prime time show Tucker Carlson Tonight.

“I have asked Secretary of State [Mike Pompeo] to closely study the South Africa land and farm seizures and expropriations and the large scale killing of farmers,” he wrote on Twitter.

Alongside the announcement, he posted a quote from the channel alleging the South African government was “now seizing land from white farmers”. Mr Trump tagged Mr Carlson in his tweet.

South Africa's government on Thursday rejected Mr Trump's tweet as a "narrow perception" that divides the nation.

"South Africa totally rejects this narrow perception which only seeks to divide our nation and reminds us of our colonial past," it said in a post on an official Twitter account.

Land expropriation in South Africa has been taken up by a number of right-wing figures in recent months, including far-right commentator Katie Hopkins and Australia’s hardline home affairs minister James Dutton.

All major political parties in South Africa have said they agree reform is needed in a country where 72% of the land is in the hands of white people, according to the Land Audit Report, despite just 8% of the population being white.

Earlier this week, South African president Cyril Remaphosa suggested the country would become unstable if the state failed to speed up land reform.

“If we do not address it‚ it is going to cause instability in our country. If there is any risk‚ it will be around the land issue‚" Mr Ramaphosa told an audience at an agribusiness conference.

“Many of you as farmers would like access to land. It is necessary that we should do this to give access to those among us that want to work the land‚ so that we can heal this festering wound of the past. The only way to heal that wound is to give land to our people.”

Though there are no official figures for the past year, the most recent police statistics suggests 74 people were murdered on farms in the year to March 2017, including people of all races.

According to statistics compiled by AgriSA, one of the country’s biggest farmers’ organisations, murders of farmers was at a 20-year low in 2017-18, with 47 killed. This compares to a peak of 153 who died in 1998.

Cindybin 0 sec ago
OH MY GOSH, I am APPALLED at the comments here! You are all agreeing with this article, and saying snide stuff about how you thought Trump wanted to 'Keep America first" and THAT is why you think we shouldn't be concerned about the white South African farm murders? DO YOU KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON IN THAT COUNTRY? It is INSANE! People on YouTube have been talking about it for years, while the mainstream media essentially ignores it or makes it sound like the whites there "deserve" what happened to them! And our future could be like theirs when whites are the minority here due to mass immigration!! LOOK WHAT HAS HAPPENED IN EUROPE AND SOUTH AFRICA!!

Cindybin 0 sec ago
WHAT THE HECK?? This isn't "an attempt to deflect" about anything! This is a SERIOUS ISSUE! Watch Lauren Southern's documentary "Farmlands" about the torture and murder of white South African farmers! It is a white genocide! We all need to speak up about this!!

Ron 31 min ago
Not Trump or the business of the USA to be involved in the internal affairs of another free independent nation...

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Common Man 33 min ago
I thought that he was president of the United States. Didn't say on the campaign trail that the United States are not the police of the world. Finally, how is this putting america first.

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Cindybin 0 sec ago
ARE YOU PEOPLE NUTS? We all need to speak up about the South African farm murders! This could happen to us here in the US when whites are a minority!

Jake 19 min ago
America, first. Remember, Donnie Boy? We are focused on what is happening here.

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Clay 59 min ago
When I think of tRUMPs' sense of ethics, or lack thereof, his many brushes with the law going back decades, his propensity for telling "alternative facts" and his disinclination to represent the ENTIRE country I am tickled to think that "no collusion" might be the only truth tRUMP has ever told. I'm reminded of the fable of the "Boy Who Cried Wolf."

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Michael 31 min ago
He can only hope that history will show he is as well liked as Richard Milhous Nixon.

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jnathanr 31 min ago
Shiny Object Alert!

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D 22 min ago
Detract, detract, detract!

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PKGOJack 20 min ago
What about our farmers and soybean prices?

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Mr Bill 21 min ago
Here is a man who does not read, does not use the people at his disposal for information, and for some reason he seems to think Fox news is gospel. In a way, you could say Fox news will be a big part in the downfall of this President and either his loss in 2020 or his impeachment next year.

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Cindybin 0 sec ago
WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?? I cannot believe the attitudes here of you people, putting down Trump for FINALLY calling attention to this crisis! People on YouTube have been talking about this issue for years while the mainstream media essentially ignores it or makes it out to be like the white farmers deserve what has happened to them! THAT IS TERRIBLE! Watch Lauren Southern's documentary "Farmlands", it is an eye opener!!


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