Monday, August 20, 2018

Tommy Robinson Videos His Message To The Media

I'm an American grandmother and cannot BELIEVE what is happening in England, and most of Europe (as well as Australia, New Zealand, Canada and now even in the US). I never even THOUGHT about Islam before this, but boy have my eyes been opened. When I first learned about these "grooming gangs" and how thousands of UK girls had been raped over the decades, I thought it couldn't be real. It must be "fake news". But then I learned that it IS real, and that's how I found out about Tommy Robinson. This man is a hero. And it is especially infuriating for me because I am a former newspaper reporter and I want to scold all these mainstream media reporters for not doing their job! Not only with Tommy but with people such as Lauren Southern, Stefan Molyneux and others. I watch their videos and then I read the things the media says about them and it is SO WRONG. How can reporters be so clueless?? And I never even thought about Islam before all this. I thought it was a "religion of peace". But now I realize we DO need to speak up against Islam! I have seen the videos with Muslim preachers speaking to huge groups of UK Muslim men, all of whom agree that stoning adulterers, killing gays, and men and women sitting apart is a good thing! Even that having sex with a 9-year-old is okay! My granddaughter is 9!! And these men claim to be the normal, everyday, moderate Muslims, not the radical ones! HOW SCARY IS THAT?? And there are videos of Muslims bragging about how they will be the majority, due to their much higher birth rate. The statistics support this!! And when they are the majority, they will NOT be as nice to us as we are to them. The number one baby boy name in London now is Muhammad! The murder rate in London has surpassed that of NYC, and they don't even allow guns there, it's knife and acid attacks! They arrest thousands of people every year for "offensive" social media posts! If I lived in England I'd be in prison by now! And Tommy was put in prison WRONGLY, not just this time but in times past as well, where he almost DIED at the hands of Muslims! I cannot BELIEVE that officials have done this to him, and that they covered up the Muslim grooming rape gangs for DECADES, for fear of being called "racist." I had no idea about those rape gangs And we all need to support Tommy!! He is a hero! I would be speaking up right along beside him of I could!

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