Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Thousands Rally in London for Tommy Robinson’s Release!!!

John Wallace
1 day ago
Good that you are reporting on Tommy Robinson. Tommy really is a political prisoner. Why? for reporting on the Rape of 100.000s of rapes of young British girls. These crimes were kept quiet for 30 years by the police, councils and social workers. Eventually social workers blew the whistle on this evil crime. The Governing bodies in the UK were frightened of the fundamentalist Islamists in Britain and knew of it and allowed it to continue. Tommy  had the courage to report on the rape of these young girls aged from 10 - 14 years. His supporters certainly not Right wing as used to depicted as being Right wing fascists. Yes we can say they are of the right wing as opposed to the Leftwing fascists that have morphed into ANTIFA. Now these are the real fascists now. They are very dangerous people. All should support Tommy Robinson. Dr. Steve Turley well done for reporting on this topic. Maybe you could mention Tommy Robinsons book. ENEMY OF THE STATE. A very interesting read.


Dave Jones
1 day ago
John Wallace why dont the british men just capture and hang those child rape gang members.


Julie S
22 hours ago
Why don't  to become the  French Revolution to put in people's hand instead the UK Govt.. UK govt is too corrupt!!

Steve Hurley
20 hours ago
John Wallace, good point.  Tommy Robinson is a political prisoner!!    The whole point of his arrest was not that he. did anything wrong.  He was arrested for his speech and his thought.   This is the way the fascist left wing, globalist, social will  take power.  It is through fear and intimidation that they control the press and the people.  For all intent  and purposes  Brits live under a tyranny.  I fear it will take a lot more then protests to bring back liberty to the British people.


Georgina Davies
20 hours ago

Ben Winter
Ben Winter
13 hours ago
Dave . . Getting close to it  (!)   . . as they were termed in past times in the US . . for (regulators) to go to work (!)  . . these were basically nativist vigilantes that sprung up from the local community when crime had got out of hand/lack of competent law officials etc . . Trump is an old fashioned 'regulator'

1 second ago
Talk about being arrested for speech and thought; I was reading about Henrietta Maria, the wife of Charles I in the 1600s, and this couple had people tortured, mutilated and imprisoned for life just for saying things against her Catholic church, or for saying something uncomplimentary about women who acted in plays. Henrietta Maria performed in plays and she was insulted by this. Go look up Henrietta Maria on Wiki.

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