Saturday, June 09, 2018

South Africa's 'White Genocide' is a Mass-Migration Lesson to California

Detox Sense
2 weeks ago
I'm mixed race, but my community doesn't accept me because of how pale my skin is. I stand by America and my government. Once you lose the mob mentality of being an oppressed minority, conservative values make sense.


2 weeks ago
The left won't stop until 1st world nations are a thing of the past and whites become extinct as a race. Words don't reach them anymore.


2 weeks ago
Looks like its time to take the world back


Cyber Blast
2 weeks ago
These racist nigroids are gonna get themselves killed.


craig northey
2 weeks ago
S Africa is a fine example of black racism and the lengths they will go. Scary shizz.


Levett Prins
2 weeks ago
White conservatives across the world are uniting which makes liberals very nervous


Milagros B.
2 weeks ago (edited)
democrats should stay and suffer the devastating effect of their policies, fix their own problem, they run like cowards but never accept their own fault , just like the illegal inmigrats, they run away of the mosters they themself have created, and still support the same monster and ruin the new places they live , their next generations will suffer the same fate, they are crazy, like Einstein said.


Greg Woolsey
2 weeks ago
Texas needs to build a wall. California is passing stupid sanctuary laws while Californians are running to Texas


kc Cox
2 weeks ago
Stop California's racist immigrants and supporting socialist/ communist politicians. 💘 from San Diego. MAGA!!!


patrick borrelli
2 weeks ago
We COULD help...right now. Have a refugee program to help the white south Africans before the race war begins


fmj 556
2 weeks ago
The entire Hispanic community has a large amount of European DNA but they don’t identify as such. I wonder why?


Mr T
2 weeks ago
I have spoken to two Zulu who worked in RSA during apartheid and both said it was a good system that protected everybody, both had a deep hatred of the Bantu invaders that are destroying RSA now. The simple fact is that tribal politics rule in Africa and some tribes have such low IQ that they struggle to survive on their own but like parasites everywhere will infect another culture and leech off it eventually destroying it. Bantu are a good example.


old soul
2 weeks ago (edited)
THEIR jealous if whites ability to create wealth and angry at their inability to do the same so they're going to steal it using racisism and violence


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