Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Update: Sonia Kruger going to the tribunal for Wrongthink

Oh this is HORRIBLE! It makes me FURIOUS that someone can go to prison for saying something bad about a religion! I'm a convert to the Mormon Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and people attack my religion ALL THE TIME! This has gone on for years; there are tons of anti-Mormon books, websites, videos and marches. People are constantly making me, offensive comments to me, putting down my religion--especially the pot smokers and booze drinkers who try to attack me PERSONALLY and make me feel bad about myself because I have posted in places that we shouldn't smoke pot or drink alcohol. People are HORRIBLE. But nothing happens to these people, they don't get arrested! Yet this Sonia woman makes a comment about Muslims and faces PRISON?? That is INSANE! And ISLAM IS NOT A RACE! When will people understand that??

And have these people seen the videos on YouTube where Muslim preachers are talking to huge groups of Muslim men, where they all agree that stoning adulterers and killing homosexuals is a good thing? And they say they aren't "radical Muslims", just everyday, normal Muslims. As if that makes it okay?? If they are the normal, everyday Muslims, then HOW BAD ARE THE RADICAL ONES?? And there are videos of Muslims saying there is nothing wrong with marrying a 9-year-old child! THIS IS INSANE! How can people say that Islam is a nice, peaceful religion?? We all need to be TERRIFIED about this, because once Islam is the majority, do you think they will be as nice to us as we are to them? HECK NO. We will lose our rights! And Islam WILL become the majority, it's a fact because of their high birth rate. Just look at the statistics! People need to WAKE UP!

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