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The War On Tommy Robinson | Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux

Stefan Molyneux
23 minutes ago (edited)
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I'm an American grandmother and am OUTRAGED at all that's happening in England and most of Europe (as well as South Africa). I wouldn't know about any of this if it weren't for YouTube! But I also want to say that I was reading about King Charles I of England and his wife Henrietta Maria who ruled in the 1600s, and they had people mutilated and imprisoned for life just for speaking up against her Catholic religion or saying something about women who chose to be actresses, as Henrietta Maria did (she acted in some plays which most women did not do at that time). They had people's ears cut off, their noses slit, had them flogged and imprisoned, just for saying things they didn't like! So England has been doing crazy things like this for a long time.

Nancy V
1 hour ago
Thank you Stefan & Loren for all your amazing work.   Re:  T. R.  I've written a letter to the High Commission for Canada to the United Kingdom, Janice Charette. Suggest viewers from Canada here  do the same.   Here's the letter:

A message to Her Excellency, Mme. Janice Charette, High Commissioner for Canada to the United Kingdom;

Madame, / Your Excellency,

I write to you today in a state of shock about a British National and journalist, T------y Robinson, who, on May 25th, was suddenly, and without just cause, arrested in front of the Leeds courthouse while reporting using publically available information with regard to the trials of known and, as mentioned, publically identified men involved paedophile grooming rape gangs.

The police officer arresting Mr. Robinson was filmed saying that the charge for arrest was "breach of peace", however, it has recently come to light that Mr. Robinson was charged, within only an hour of arrest, with "contempt of court" and sentenced to 13 months in prison.  From court, he was brought directly to prison.

Mme Charette, I realize that you have no jurisdictional authority in the United Kingdom and that this outrageous abuse of authoritative power has been perpetrated against a UK /British national, however, I believe, as a high-ranking Canadian with diplomatic connections to U.K. government officials, that you could, perhaps, please exert some pressure on your fellow diplomatic contacts, and perhaps within the U.K. home office, to ensure that Mr. Robinson receives the care of one who has been unjustly arrested, is therefore a political prisoner, and is now exposed to people within the prison system who despise him and are willing to rob him of his life for speaking truth and reporting to the public about a corrupt group of men and the continuous raping of many innocent young girls over years. 

Please, I implore you to use whatever diplomatic means you have at your disposal to speak for concerned Canadians and to ensure that Mr. Robinson receives the care and protection (segregation from the general prison population) he needs while he is unjustly incarcerated.

I have always believed that Canadians stood for the values enshrined in our Constitutional Act of 1982, in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, esp. Sec 2, regarding freedom of thought, conscience and freedom of expression (which includes of course freedom of speech), and freedom of the press. In addition, I would also refer you to sec. 7 and 9 of the Charter, s.7. right to life, liberty, and security of the person; and s.9.  freedom from arbitrary detention or imprisonment.  I realize that these are explicitly Canadian Chartered rights and freedoms, however, I would hope, that as our representative in the United Kingdom, you would also stand for these articles and values, personify these values in the U.K. and when necessary remind others in the U.K. of the goodness and legitimacy inherent in these rights and freedoms which Canadians cherish and hold dear. 

It comes as a shock that the original home of Classical Liberal and Enlightenment values, the U.K. is now arresting journalists for simply reporting what was already public knowledge, and sentencing them to dangerous and long prison sentences.  What does this mean four our relationship with the United Kingdom?  Is Canada going to go the same route as we are still members of the Commonwealth?  This is very disturbing.

Please refer to the letter I have already written to the Right Hon. Savid Javid, MP in the UK Home Office, requesting same.

Thank you for your time and consideration of the above, and for any pressure you can exert in your role as High Commissioner for Canada to the United Kingdom.

[My sign-off details private]


1 hour ago
good content letter.... can we copy, paste and send?


John Neil Bunting
46 minutes ago
copied and sent your letter as well.



36 minutes ago
good effort but Canada is also part of  sexual abuse of children by the catholic church   and government


31 minutes ago
I will cut and paste portions for a similar effort here stateside, though we don't have the same history with Britain, we certainly have president more inclined to help than PM Jihadi Trudeau.


Roseanna Marie
30 minutes ago
Thank you for your patriotism. I am American, but I want to help our brothers and sisters over seas. I am spreading that message and spamming ALL british news outlets, twitter accounts, youtube etc. I can't get in trouble because I still have my free speech. So I hope that its a good smack in the face.


20 minutes ago
Do you mean your WHITE Brothers and Sisters?

tim pelzel
19 minutes ago
Nancy V  hi Nancy, great letter. I can help with your effort. Would you be willing to discuss it?

Roseanna Marie
6 minutes ago

23 seconds ago
I'd think she meant her human brothers and sisters.

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