Sunday, May 13, 2018

Sharia Law: Battlefield London

1 second ago
AARGGHHH THIS IS HORRIBLE! I'm a white American grandmother and cannot BELIEVE that the world is turning out like this. I would NEVER go back to London again to visit! NEVER.

Aaron White
4 years ago
im gonna go build a catholic church in islam. see how they like that lol.


Allan Hill
4 years ago
Europe has no place for these people.
They should all be rounded up and chucked out even if they are born here.
They must be sent to Muslim countries where they will, I am sure be most welcome, but not in Europe please. Time to get tough with these unholy ungodly bearded creeps.
All benefits should be stopped to them. I resent paying my tax to out of work sponging religious loonies that want to destroy our society.
Are we mad or what?
Can I go and do this in their countries?
I would be be-headed for sure.
No wonder the EDL are so active, good luck to them.


3 years ago
we do need to start killing them its the only thing they understand


bart bandy
4 years ago
Stop this non sense before it's too late.


Edmond Bourget
4 years ago
Dear muslims, claiming that you know the answers to the universes mysteries because of an illiterate desert man that received the word of god from an angle 1400 years ago and put it into writing is almost laughable if it weren't so sad!


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