Saturday, May 12, 2018


Yahoo just reported on a Paris attack, with two dead, including the knifeman:

"One person was killed and four injured Saturday night in central Paris by a man armed with a knife, who was shot dead by police, security sources said. The attack took place near the city's main opera house in an area full of bars, restaurants and theatres which were brimming on a weekend night. The man attacked five people with a knife, one of whom died, police said. Two were in serious condition and all the victims are in hospital...A string of jihadist attacks have claimed the lives of over 245 people around France in the past three years."

As I have said, you guys should watch all the TONS of videos on YouTube about the mass immigration problems in Europe. It's an eye-opener! And watch the videos about the 120db movement, the group of women who are speaking up about the rape epidemic in Europe, especially Germany, due to the mass immigration. And watch the videos and read the articles about the UK Muslim grooming rape gangs, which have been going on for years! Gangs of Pakistani Muslims targeting young white girls, it's crazy. This is all in the news.

Someone named Linda comment on this story:
Gaddafi said: "We have 50 million Muslims in Europe. There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe—without swords, without guns, without conquest—will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades." Britain needs to stop Muslim immigration, as their census predicts the country will be about 50% Muslim mid-century. Last year Mohammed was the #1 boys baby name in Britain. Wait until all of those Mohammed's grow up and can vote in 20 years. Will Sharia Law become the law of Britain? Consider the recent detailed study British Muslims in Numbers, undertaken by the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB). This study shows that Britain’s Muslim population (including Scotland and N. Ireland) grew from 1∙6 million in 2001 to almost 2∙8 million on census day 2011. That represents an almost seventy-five percent increase over a ten year period, an “unprecedented” population growth according to Prof David Voas of Essex University. Here's the stats on projected Muslim growth in Britain by the MCB: 2021 - 4.9 million Muslims 2031 - 8.6 million Muslims 2041 - 15 million Muslims 2051 - 26 million Muslims 2061 - 48 million Muslims? 26 million Muslims in Britain by 2051 will be about 40 - 50% of Britain's population. 48 million Muslims out of 65 million Brits in 2061 will be about 2/3 of the population. By the end of the century Muslims will dominate Britain with their birth rates. What will happen when Muslims can decide elections in Britain? Muslims now decide 25% of the elections in Great Britain. They just elected a Muslim mayor of London. And how will they keep their radical Muslim brothers out who like to blow up concerts, airports, subways, antiquities and hate Western art and architecture as we saw in Manchester, Syria, Paris and Brussels recently? Will they blow up the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, the Cathedrals, the Castles like Highclere Castle (Downton Abbey), and Oxford and Cambridge Universities? Britain and Europe are importing the violence, strife, racism, homophobia and subjugation of women and gays in Muslim countries around the world to lovely Britain and Europe. The Muslims have been fighting each other for centuries, and will continue to create millions of refugees. Set up safe zones under the U.N. in Muslim countries for them. Muslims say they want to establish a caliphate in Europe, Britain and the U.S. Muslim refugees should go to Muslim countries. No more Muslim immigration unless you want the U.S., Britain and Europe to be Muslim dominant in this century.

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Iron Maiden Fan said...

It's important to come to Christ and pray for the salvation of those people, rather than focus on their sin.