Friday, April 27, 2018

Hate Filled Africans March To Murder All Whites In South Africa

The media ignores this! All the blacks chanting to kill the white farmers, and they ignore it!! And as commenters are saying, in the future, as whites become a minority, and the majority are in power which is what happens in a democracy,  the forces will consist of those who are the majority, and there is no reason to think that they would be any less brutal than the majority in South Africa, as they will consist of like minded people.  So those forces of the future, in a Europe dominated by non-native Europeans,  will most likely be the same- and want whites dead.

There has been no country yet to accept the premise that whites in South Africa are refugees, even in Australia there have been white South Africans forced to return, in spite of their pleas that they fear for their lives.

Europe is headed down the same road - Africa's population will double double in 20 years,  and it would take Europe a thousand years to double; but they have their huge influx of migrants and refugees - in only a few decades, many European countries will be minority white.

Steve g: "great work Avi for exposing this hate, but it will be ignored by main stream media u watch, disgusting double standard in racism"

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