Wednesday, August 02, 2017


"We use cannabis, you know? we use herb. Herb is the healing of The nation, like all other qualities is the destruction of mankind, herb is the healing of the nation. The more you accept herb, the more you accept Rastafari. You dig waht i say? we, who accept herb, herb is important, but herb is more important to the people who don't accept it, because that is a reality. I mean, he's not selling them arms, arms selling them something that crave, but you take it in a sense and say... "Herb, Herb is a plant." I mean, herbs are good for everyone... Who call themselves government, and this and that.. Why them say you must not use the herb? You see? And we check that and we just see them just say, "No, you mustn't useit because it makes you REBEL." AGAINST WHAT? Herb is a thing that will give you a little time for yourself so you can live if you use it."

And people wonder why I keep speaking up against pot.

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