Thursday, July 13, 2017



Jedidiah Stoltzfus said...

How dare you impose your self-righteous bullshit views on America!!! Comcast does not sell pornography you wicked old bitch!!! Are you gonna speak up against pornography now?

Porn is protected by The Constitution of the United States of America and I like to watch girls named Jenna Jameson have sex with a bunch of people.

I defend my right to pot, alcohol, and the pursuit of pornography!!!

Penises, vaginas, and butt sex, oh my!

Jedidiah Stoltzfus said...

Are you against porn and that it should be banned forever?

I saw a very kinky episode from BangBus Dot Com where a college girl played by Nautica Thorn didn't like her grandma Cindybin telling her that smoking pot and drinking alcohol were bad, Bad, BAD so what did Miss Nautica Thorn do? She bent over her grandma Cindybin, got naked, and wore a BIG STRAP-ON DILDO WHICH NAUTICA INSERTED INTO HER ANUS!!!

Jedidiah Stoltzfus said...

I hope Comcast sues you.

Anonymous said...

You lie!!!