Thursday, May 25, 2017

WEED Cured his Grandfather's Cancer! Happy 420, Stoners!!

So someone from a site called "Stoner's Corner", who has an email with the number "420" in it, says:

"my grandads cancer got cured with weed .. the doctors said. where u at ?"

Oh brother! Comments like these are the entire reason I have been forced to keep speaking up against pot all these years. Just the fact that he calls it "weed" is a red flag! And then he runs a site about "Stoners" and has "420" in his email. Does that sound like a TRUE medical user or supporter to any of you? Of course not. This is why I keep speaking up against pot. All the casual users rave about the medical benefits in order to justify getting high (while cussing me out, threatening me, attacking my religion, my looks, my sex life, making mean videos and websites about me, making fun of me for collecting dolls, etc. --and yes the booze drinkers do this as well), and even the "medical" marijuana users have been horrible like the casual users! They'll cuss me out and threaten me and make fun of me for "playing with dolls", all the while telling me that "weed is medicine!" Even the "nice" ones who don't cuss me out honestly can't see why we shouldn't use mind-altering drugs RECREATIONALLY. How can anybody support them when they are like that? They aren't TRUE medical users or supporters! I have yet to find one single TRUE medical user or supporter online, in the last 15 years I've been on the Internet.

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