Thursday, May 04, 2017



A friend. said...

Cindy, please look up TJ Kirk and The Drunken Peasants on YouTube! They smoke and drink booze and swear a lot and they're atheists and they have a show on YouTube where they talk about all every horrible thing they do! Kids could see their videos! I think some of them have tattoos, too!! Send them as many messages as you can, I think that they need to hear from you. Good luck in spreading your message, God bless!

Oh and I'm sorry for my comment not being related to your post, I just clicked your most recent blog so I can be sure you'll see it. Please look them up and contact them. God bless

Cindybin said...

I'll get right on it! And you send them as many messages as you can, too! And enlist your friends and family! Together we can make a difference and save these people!!

A friend said...

Thank you! I'll try but I figured you have more experience with this, and you already know what to say. This is a link to their YouTube discussion page

(and they've got a LOT of fans commenting and being supportive! I didn't see anyone even mentioning their drinking, swearing or the fact they are smoking marijuana! It's crazy)

And also their main YouTube page:

They do really long "shows" where they rant about news stories I think and they make crude and crass jokes about the news stories. But they also have some short videos I've noticed, so you don't have sit through any of their stupid long shows to see what they're all about. They call their short shows "highpothesis" and of course they put "pot" in all capital letters! it's crazy that they're even allowed on YouTube. What's even crazy, is they're grown men! Not even teenagers, I'm pretty sure they're all at least 25

And TJ Kirk (he's one of the guys on the show) and he makes his own videos too, and he's just so awful, he yells and swears and everything else. Here is his channel, I've learned in my research that his channel used to be called "the Amazing Atheist" and it's still in his link, ugh.

Thanks for listening to my suggestion!! It means a lot, and I believe you might be able to get through to them. Or at least get through to some of their audience, especially any young viewers!

God bless, have a nice day!

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