Friday, May 26, 2017


A gentleman named "Roger Stoned" writes:

"So sensitive. You need a joint."

AARGGHH, I am so sick of pot smokers telling me I need a joint! The booze drinkers tell me the same thing when I speak up about alcohol, that I need a drink! Which is it? A joint or a drink? A drink or a joint? Maybe both at the same time??

And this Roger fellow claims to be all about MEDICAL marijuana. He says he is a legal medical marijuana "patient", and a "daily toker". "Weed = Medicine" he asserts. He is an advocate for universal health care and cannabis legalization. At the top of his site he has, "Keep Calm and Smoke Weed." He posts a picture of his "420GoodyBox" filled with all kinds of bongs, glass or whatever it is one uses to "toke up". His wife has "already claimed the glass", he says.

OH BROTHER. Can't he see that people like him are the entire reason we all need to speak up against pot even MORE?? If he were a TRUE medical user, would he be using terms like "stoner", "420", "weed" and telling me I "need a joint"? WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE? This is why I keep speaking up against pot! I never even THOUGHT about pot before all this. I never smoked pot, I've never even SEEN marijuana. And if I were ever asked how I felt about MEDICAL marijuana, I would of course say that it must be good! Nobody is against MEDICINE, and if something like marijuana, or ANYTHING, truly helps a person with a true medical condition, then of course that would be a good thing! BUT I HAVE YET TO FIND ONE SINGLE TRUE MEDICAL USER ONLINE! It's so depressing! I had no idea people were like this! All these "medical" users, growers and supporters have really opened my eyes! And I hope YOUR eyes have been opened as well! We all need to speak up about this!

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