Thursday, April 20, 2017


"You should totally light up. Sit on a beach, smoke a bowl and watch a sunset. I guarantee you'll enjoy it. Nothing better."

This is from a mother of two, who claims to use marijuana for "medical" reasons, treating depression and anxiety. She sees nothing wrong with using marijuana recreationally, uses the age-old excuse that pot is "safer than alcohol and cigarettes", and says she has never been arrested because she is white and drives a mini-van. And when I tried to help her understand why we shouldn't use mind-altering drugs recreationally, she just didn't get it. I told her she can't be a TRUE medical user if she sees nothing wrong with using pot casually. She told me:

"It helps me, just as it helps other people. Panic attacks and depressive episodes are under control. That makes it okay."

But when I tried to help her understand that a TRUE medical user would agree with me that we shouldn't use drugs recreationally, all she said was:

"So your definition of a medical user is that they think 'recreational' use is wrong? Yeah, you won't find those people."

It is so depressing. I have been trying for YEARS to find a true medical user online, and have yet to find one. They are all alike. And even the "medical marijuana" companies are like this. They post things on their sites and Facebook pages proving that they think nothing is wrong with recreational drug use, and if you confront them about it they cuss you out and block you. How can we ever be in favor of medical marijuana if this is what "medical" users, supporters, growers and suppliers are like? We will all have to even be against MEDICAL marijuana, because obviously there are no TRUE medical users!! As this mother of two said, "you won't find those people."


Anonymous said...


Someone who can spell "advice" said...

"Advise from a pot smoker" .... Hahahaha, Cindy, I think you mean to say "Advice from a pot smoker."

"Advise" is a verb, meaning to give someone guidance, and/or suggest a course of action. In other words, to give them advice.
For example;
"She said pot was wrong, and I advised her to rethink her odd position."

"Advice" is a noun, and is a suggestion of guidance and/or recommendations in a certain situation.
For example;
"She asked me for help, and I gave her the best advice I could."

Why does it not surprise me that you've got the spelling capabilities of a young child? Lol aren't you apparenty a grown woman? You should consider both acting and speaking like one.

Someone who can spell "advice" said...

Also, anyone who uses pot for medicinal reasons is a "true medical user", regardless of what deluded definition you've got in your little brain.

Everything the other person said to you was true. You're ridiculous if you think you'll find someone who smokes pot medically, but thinks that anyone who smokes it for fun should be condemned. Hell, most people who don't even smoke weed at all wouldn't object to others having the right to do it!

A "true" medical user, is someone who uses pot for medical reasons! That's it. That should just be obvious if you have more than 1 working cell in your brain. It's right there in the name "medical user" someone who uses pot for medical reasons. This is still true regardless of what their stance on recreational use is. Or what their stance on any other issue is.

It doesn't matter what views they hold, if they smoke weed for medical reasons, then they are a true medical user! Just because they don't agree with your ridiculous dogma doesn't change wether or not they're a "true" medical user.

You are utterly ridiculous, as well as incredibly offensive to both the lady you were addressing in this post, and to every other medical user out there. Quite frankly, it's disgusting that you'd propagate such bullcrap.

I honestly find it remarkable that you have enough brain power to allow your fingers to hit the keys on your keyboard. Or maybe that's why all your "arguments" are so awful and stupid, because the majority of your brain process is going toward the actual motor skills needed to type, so when it comes to forming an intelligent thought, you've got none of your brain power left to do it! Hmm, it all makes sense now, actually. I think I may have just cracked the curious case of Cindybin2001

Cindybin said...

Thanks for your comments! They illustrate my point about why we all need to speak up against pot even MORE! Although I do appreciate the spelling correction (except you didn't need to illustrate it in such a stupid sentence).