Wednesday, April 12, 2017


This is a comment by a woman named Rose, a grandmother like me, who usually cusses away and thinks religion is hogwash. She uses the Bible to justify pot smoking:

"The first mention of kaneh-bosm in the Old Testament appears with the prophet-shaman Moses...The sacred character of hemp in biblical times is evident from Exodus 30:22-33, where Moses was instructed by God to anoint the meeting tent and all its furnishings with specially prepared oil, containing hemp."


Anonymous said...

Lol did your copy-paste get messed up? This post is obviously unfinished.

But the bible totally supports weed. There's the burning bush (what kind of bush do you think it was? ;) ) and of course the infamous line about the men who lie with men being stoned. God wasn't saying we should kill gay men with rocks, he was saying that if gay men have sex, they should be high ("stoned") while they do it... It's extra pleasurable that way! ;)

Cindybin said...

Ha, see? You further prove my point about why we all need to speak up against pot and why it should be illegal. Again, you shouldn't even be THINKING about such things as pot or how the Bible totally supports "weed". Just the fact that you call it "weed" is a red flag. And you really think that Heavenly Father wants us to light up a joint, smoke it and get high? If you are so dang religious, you of all people should know better than to smoke pot. A religion is supposed to teach people to AVOID using mind-altering drugs, not encourage them to get high on pot or buzzed on alcohol! Otherwise, what is a religion FOR? Heck, I wasn't even religious in high school or college and I sure never smoked POT. Nobody ever offered it to me or talked about it to me or anything! And I was a teen in the 70s! And I sure don't know anybody NOW who smokes pot, approves of it or knows where to find it! And then when I was in my 20's I joined the Mormon church where we have revelation from God about why we shouldn't use mind-altering drugs recreationally. Using drugs to have "fun" is not what TRUE fun is. That is what makes it wrong! And pot is ILLEGAL! If you get busted, you think the judge will care about gay men being stoned or hemp oil? Not where I live! The judge would laugh in your face and throw you in jail for making excuses for breaking the law and getting high on POT! Even if pot were legal, what a thing to do. Grow up already.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Diest, I do not subscribe to the ideals of the bible anyway. Though I think any God would not care in the slightest what we do, including smoking pot if someone wants to. I don't smoke it myself, but if someone else wants to smoke weed, what do I care? It's not hurting me any.

Cindybin said...

I invite you to read the Book of Mormon and study, ponder and pray and ask God if it is true. It will change your life! Heavenly Father loves you. You believe in God and the Bible. If you didn't, you wouldn't be here.

Anonymous said...

You should probably die in a fire, to get ready for the hell you're going to spend eternity in. Mormonism is a cult.

Cindybin said...

Thanks for your comment--yet another one to prove why we need to speak up against pot and why it should be illegal forever!

Diest said...

I apologize for my late response, I haven't returned to your blog for a while. (I'm the Anonymous who told you I am a Diest)

Do not tell me what I believe in. That's highly disrespectful. I DO NOT believe in the bible, as I already told you. I believe in God, (not the God of the bible or any other religious text though) just a generalized God, a diety of which we know virtually nothing about. I also believe there is no one out there watching over us in the cosmos. I do believe that some form of entity that created the universe, but that entity is no longer around.

God doesn't check in on us, doesn't care about us, doesn't apply ridiculous rules for us to follow, and does not punish or reward us.

And if I'm wrong and the God does infact watch over the world then one of two things is true;

first option is the God lost its power that it once had and no longer possesses any power. Or perhaps the entity simply died sometime after creating the universe. (in which case, it would no longer be a god)

OR the second option, god does still retain power, but does not care. So the God is malevolent, (in which case, it's an awful and evil entity who does not deserve worship from anyone)

No higher entity loves me, or anyone else for that matter - and for you to suggest that is actually pretty offensive to me. In a world filled with devastation and countless atrocities, a God that "loves" us sure has a real twisted and messed up way of showing it!!

That's like someone with an abusive partner saying "Oh, I know he beat me to a pulp, but he loves me, and I love him!"

So yeah, trying to tell me what I beleive and telling me that god supposedly "loves" me is pretty offensive.

Have a nice day.

Cindybin said...

Okay, you are right. The Bible is fake and God doesn't love you or anyone else. That means it's okay to get high on pot. Smoke up!