Tuesday, March 08, 2016


"Mayhem" writes:

no i use marijuana recreationally but if you would so some research for once in your life instead of talking out of your ass you would see that medicinal marijuana has so many benefits for everybody. For example, its been proven to slow down or even completely halt cancer cells from growing. its been proven to cure epileptic attacks. its been proven to grow hair back from chemotherapy. (and yes this has worked for children as well). its been proven to strengthen the lungs of asthma patients. its been proven to stimulate the appetite of people with aids or HIV. its been proven to help people manage chronic pain and suffering. its been proven to help people with Alzheimers reclaim their lost memory. so cant you atleast see that if such a plant would have all these treatments, WHY WOULD IT BE CONSIDERED SUCH A BAD THING 


AARGGHHHH OH I JUST CANNOT BELIEVE it. Haven't you read a thing I have written?? I have explained over and over a billion times for the past 15 years that online that I am NOT AGAINST MEDICAL MARIJUANA! That is a TOTALLY different issue! Nobody is against MEDICINE! Medicine is something people use to treat an illness or condition they don't want to have in the first place! I already KNOW about medical marijuana! One can find that information anywhere! The entire reason I have to KEEP speaking up against pot is because of you idiot RECREATIONAL users, who tell me to do research and stop talking out of my ASS as you so crudely put it! OH YOU ARE JUST HORRIBLE!!

Again, nobody is against MEDICINE. I am a nice person and of course would not want anybody to suffer! If something like marijuana—or ANYTHING—truly helps a person with a true medical condition, then of COURSE that would be a good thing! I would use it myself if I had to, if it were legal for that and it worked. I have even been trying for YEARS to write an article on the benefits of medical marijuana! But I have yet to find a single decent person to interview to use as an example in my article! All the casual users rave about the medical benefits in order to justify getting high (while they cuss me out, threaten me with death and bodily harm, attack my religion, my looks, my sex life, make mean videos and websites about me, reveal my personal information, make fun of me for collecting dolls, tell me to kill myself, tell me they hope I get cancer, etc.) And even the "medical" users I've talked to and seen online have been horrible just like the recreational users. Even the "nice" ones don't get it and honestly can't see why it is wrong to use mind-altering drugs recreationally. How can I support them when they are like THAT??

Now all I want to do is write articles and make videos using all the THOUSANDS of comments and emails I have collected from you guys, to show what you are like! The world needs to know!! It is so depressing. I always thought MEDICAL users and supporters and growers would be NICE, and surely agree that we shouldn't use mind-altering drugs recreationally. What parent would ever raise their kids to grow up and get high on POT? At any age? And I say the same things about alcohol! Alcohol is a drug! Just because it's legal doesn't make it right! A casual booze drinker is no better than a casual pot smoker, except they aren't breaking the law! You guys always think that just because I say we shouldn't smoke pot, that I'm all "hung up on pot" and think that it's all dangerous and deadly and "ruins your life." I never say that! All I'm saying is that we shouldn't use mind-altering drugs recreationally, that this is good morals and just plain common sense! And I am NOT against medical marijuana or ANYTHING that truly helps someone with a true medical condition! But as I said, I have yet to find any kind of true, decent medical marijuana user! It is just crazy!!!

It is comments like yours that make me realize we all need to speak up against pot even MORE. You are yet ANOTHER immoral, immature RECREATIONAL USER who raves about the medical benefits in order to justify getting high. YOU ARE JUST HORRIBLE. YOU NEED TO GROW UP! You set a terrible example and go against everything that most parents try to teach their kids about drugs and life! 


Nick Rose said...

I've known Cindybin for almost 15 years now and don't agree with her on many things, but she's right when it come's to marijuana. The recreational use of marijuana is a bad thing, and I say this as a long-time medical marijuana patient. If it wasn't for debilitating chronic pain, there's no way I would be smoking pot. It makes you lazy and unmotivated. It can also lead to paranoia. I know this firsthand. I pray everyday that medical science will come up with something better and fewer side effects than marijuana to treat my condition.

Cindybin said...

Nick, you say you've known me for almost 15 years? How can that be? Your name doesn't sound familiar. And it's great you are against recreational drug use. Although I must say that even if pot DIDN'T make one "lazy and unmotivated" or lead to paranoia, it still doesn't make it right to use it to get high. Just like if a person had a few sips of champagne it wouldn't make them lazy or unmotivated or anything like that. But it still doesn't make it right to drink the champagne because we shouldn't use mind-altering drugs recreationally. And also, you said you don't agree with me on many things? What things don't you agree with? Doll collecting? What the heck? Who ARE you???

Julie Ann said...

Nick is only going by his own hypocritical opinion. I know people that smoke and work 70 hours a week which disproves his theory of making everyone lazy. I also know a lot of people that won't touch weed but they live on welfare and rarely get off their couch.

Cindybin said...

"Julie Ann" (who is really a GUY), you still don't get it! I have said over and over that one of the main reasons I have been forced to keep speaking up against pot is because people always accuse us of thinking that anybody who smokes pot is "lazy". I don't know anybody who thinks that! The reason we are against pot is because it's a MIND-ALTERING DRUG! And if you know people who smoke pot and work 70 hours a week, that is TERRIBLE! If they are so dang productive and hold good jobs, then they of ALL people should know not to smoke pot. They are setting a terrible example and going against everything that most parents try to teach their kids about drugs and life! And where do they even FIND their pot? Who are they that they're above the law? They should be ashamed of themselves. And if they get busted, do you think a judge will care about how long they work? Not where I live! They'd be a number in the court room and treated like DIRT! Kids need to realize this! And so what if there are people who won't touch "weed" but live on welfare and rarely get off their couch? SO WHAT? At least it's good they don't smoke POT!! And who do you know who smokes POT? How do you know people like this?? I don't know ANYBODY who smokes pot, approves of it or even knows where to FIND marijuana! If you know people who smoke pot, then it's time to get new friends! Most parents teach their kids to AVOID the other kids who use drugs!