Saturday, February 20, 2016


Cisco Gallegos:
dude. wtf is the law. a big gang that tells you what you can and can't do. we should live by morals .like people know it's bad to kill. that plant is harmless. go camplain about Tabacco and how those companies watch there customers kill themselves but yet it's legal. the law is bs, uses to keep people like us in place. do what you feel is right with your life.


AARGGHHHH! This is why I have been forced to keep speaking up against pot all these years, is because of people like you! I have explained over and over for 15 years online, that the entire reason I have to keep speaking up against pot is because you guys always accuse me of thinking that marijuana is dangerous and deadly and kills people. NOBODY THINKS THAT! Doesn't it even OCCUR to you that people are against pot because it's a mind-altering drug? Pot smokers ADMIT to us all the time online that they use it to get high, stoned, buzzed, relax, have "fun", enjoy life, etc. We BELIEVE them when they tell us why they use it and how it affects them! And that is why we are against it! That is what makes it wrong! We shouldn't use mind-altering drugs for these reasons! This is good morals and just plain common sense! Can't you see that? What parent would ever raise their kids to grow up and get high on POT? At any age?? What a thing to do!

And it is a DRUG when you use it to get high and stoned and have "fun"! That is what makes it wrong! I say the same things about alcohol! Alcohol is a drug! Just because it's legal doesn't make it right! A casual booze drinker is no better than a casual pot smoker, except they aren't breaking the law! People need to grow up and set an example!

And complain about CIGARETTES??? You people are driving me insane! I have said over and over for years that you can't compare CIGARETTES to smoking pot! That isn't the same at all! We don't get high or stoned or tipsy or drunk from CIGARETTES! Again, you guys always think we're against pot because we think it's all dangerous and addictive like cigarettes. NOBODY THINKS THAT! We are against pot because it's a mind-altering drug!

And I DO speak up against cigarettes! I have done so for years! I have written TONS of comments about the dangers of smoking, and I wrote a long blog about how my dad died hooked up to an oxygen machine after years of smoking. I publish this on my blog every Father's Day and have done so for YEARS. But have you read it? No, of course not. None of you pot smokers have read a thing I have written over the years. It is so frustrating! This is why I realize I need to start making anti-pot VIDEOS, just to educate you guys and to show the world what you are all like! And all I have to do to prove my point about why we need to speak up against pot even more is to read your comments into the microphone!! I could make THOUSANDS of anti-pot videos that way! You all think you are making such valid points, but you are only hurting yourselves with every comment you make! And you don't even realize it! 

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