Monday, February 08, 2016


Yet another IDIOT "medical" marijuana user--I really need to write tons of blogs about all these "medical" users who keep writing to me. The world needs to know what they are like!

When you can cast religion aside I will take you seriously. I do not need help so stop trying to help me. You really need to realize that marijuana has MEDICAL BENEFITS for EVERY person. I am sure it would help you out being you are getting older and with that comes pain and suffering. Just because a doctor prescribes you a drug, does not mean it is morally okay. I got denied a medical card because shoulder pain was not enough to justify it in my state. Luckily it is legal recreationally in my state as well. But guess what, marijuana works WONDERS for my pain to the point that I haven't noticed it in months! A nice little bonus is I get high. It looks to me like you have not tried it so you are in the majority of people who blow the effects of marijuana out of proportion. The oldest stash of marijuana was found to be 2,700 years old. It has been around as a medicine for ALL for thousands of years.

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