Monday, December 14, 2015


From someone called "YoureCoolerThanMe":

You need to hit a blunt and calm down there Cindy. For sure it alters your mind, by making you a more open minded, accepting, and nice person in a ton of cases. I'm not being hostile towards you whatsoever! You're extremely hostile towards anyone who does anything you don't like, guess who else was like that? Hitler lulz. You think because some people who smoke weed and are rude, that everybody who smokes weed is rude? You need to open your eyes and see that people some people who smoke weed are rude, some are nice. Some people who drink are rude, some are nice. And as clearly demonstrated by yourself, some people who neither smoke weed nor drink are Extremely rude, and some others, are nice. You should be teaching tolerance, and being a good person, not hatred.

So I thanked this jerkbrain for his advice and asked where I might procure me a "blunt", and what I should tell Heavenly Father. This was his reply:

You're welcome. And your local LEGAL marijuana dispensary? It's being legalized as a recreational as well as a medicinal thing, in a LOT of places, and it's not stopping anytime soon because a few old-fashion "fear everything new" people don't want it to. The reason marijuana became legal in the first place is because they couldn't find a way to tax and regulate it at the time, and studies were not being done as intensely as they are today to prove that it is Not a dangerous drug, it's a plant. What do you tell your God? Even alcohol isn't taboo in the Christian religion hunny, it's called moderation. Too much of anything in a sense would be a sin, wouldn't it? Gluttony is not limited to "illegal", or immoral substances. And if you're not going to drink because it's "in the bible" then take off your dual-blend clothing, because that too, is a sin. Unless, your God really is the god of, oh I don't know, mercy, forgiveness? Shouldn't you take a note from that and forgive and be merciful to your fellow man? There's so much more you can do than be hateful, why do you have to be?

And we want to legalize marijuana for people like this. 

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