Sunday, July 26, 2015


Every day people tell me about the famous, successful, talented people who smoke or smoked pot, as if that makes it okay to get high. 

Take our old friend "Ed", for example. He actually has friends who know how to golf and paint and yet they still smoke pot! Heavens! 

Here is what Ed has to say on the matter:

+cindybin2001  I think you should meet some of the people who consume CANNABIS and you would find that they are really nice people!  Some could show you how to Golf, Paint or find some other enjoyment rather "THAN PISSING EVERYBODY OFF, TROLL!" I don't WANT TO KILL YOU JUST EDUCATE YOU. Where are the testimonials of you saving one PERSON???? How about a VIDEO CINDYBIN2001, as you have "SO MANY IN THE WORK'S." You never provide any FACTS or RATIONAL arguments EVER!!!!! Get off of the KID, JUDGE, PARENT, HOW OLD ARE YOU? ARE YOU EMPTY HEARTED? Come up with a NEW ATTACK PLAN as this one, is as big of a failure as THE WAR ON DRUGS. How about a BLOG from the BILLIONS saved so far, JUST ONE!!!!!! COME ON CINDYBIN2001!

+Ed Machacek AARGHHH OH YOU JUST DON'T GET IT! It is comments like yours that make continue to have to speak up against pot! Can't you see that?? You guys always accuse me of thinking that anybody who smokes pot is a stupid, lazy, good-for-nothing bum or some psycho killer! NOBODY THINKS THAT! I know that many nice, decent people smoke pot! And that makes it WORSE! Because they of ALL people should know better! They set a terrible example and go against everything that most parents try to teach their kids about drugs and life! What parent would ever raise their kids to grow up and get high on POT? At any age?? Most parents try to teach their kids morals, values and common sense to know that we shouldn't use drugs! If you were a parent, wouldn't you feel the same way??

And pot is ILLEGAL! If you get busted, it won't help to tell the judge you are nice, kind and caring human being! Where I live, the judge would laugh in your face and throw you in jail for making excuses for breaking the law! Kids need to remember this! Can't you see my point??

Again, one of the main reasons I have been forced to continue speaking up against pot all these years is because of comments like yours. You all think that if only I knew of the nice, successful people who smoke pot, I'd suddenly realize it's okay! If you had read my book which has been online for YEARS, you would know all about how the only people I ever knew in real life who smoked pot where my college roommate and her friends, who were all nice, decent, studious young ladies (who went to church, even) and my brother-in-law, who was a straight A Eagle Scout! But that makes it WORSE that they all smoked pot, because they of all people should have known better! Their parents raised them to know not to use drugs! They would have croaked if they had found out, and these kids were all lucky they never got caught--by either their parents or the POLICE! They could have lost their college scholarships and job opportunities!

But smoking pot was just an immature college thing they did, out of peer pressure. My roommate admitted this to me years later, when we were both married and raising families. She said she started smoking pot because of the other girls teasing her for being a goody goody if she didn't try it. But of course all of these kids STOPPED after college, and went on to get good jobs and raise families. My brother-in-law is a pillar of the community, a college teacher, former Scout master, and a grandfather. Nobody would ever guess that he was a "pothead" in college, as he admitted to us!

Can't you see my point?? Yes I KNOW that nice, successful people smoke pot! But that doesn't make it right! And it makes it WORSE! Because they of all people should know better! It's not like these people were bums raised on the street and never taught right from wrong! They should KNOW better. If they are so nice and successful, then what are they doing smoking POT?

And what are parents supposed to tell their kids? "Okay Suzie, you go out and smoke all the pot you wish, because nice, successful people smoke pot, and that makes it okay. And who cares if you get busted? Just tell the judge that you get good grades and that Carl Sagan and President Obama smoked pot, and you'll be sure to be set free!" IT DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY!

And I have said over and over that I have helped some people online stop using drugs. Back on the old Yahoo boards, a guy I used to talk to, a divorced father of three, stopped smoking pot because of me. He realize the bad example he was setting and also that he could get into trouble with the law! He is just one example.

And why do you guys always accuse me of never providing "facts"? What FACTS do you want me to provide?? The facts are all right there in black and white! The pot smokers ADMIT to us all the time that they use it to get high and stoned and have "fun"! What else do we need to know??

And again, there wouldn't BE any "War on Drugs" if people would just shape up and NOT SMOKE POT. How hard is it to not smoke pot? Where would one even FIND this stuff? It is ILLEGAL! I have never even SEEN marijuana! I never think about pot, I never cared if it was legal or not. Why should I? I never concerned me! And it shouldn't concern YOU, either. You shouldn't even be THINKING about such things! 


Anonymous said...

Also +cindybin2001​:

A new national survey released today by the Pew Research Center reveals that a broad majority of Americans are ready to significantly reduce the role of the criminal justice system in dealing with people who use drugs.

Among the key findings of the report:

More than six in ten Americans (63%) say that state governments moving away from mandatory prison terms for drug law violations is a good thing, while just 32% say these policy changes are a bad thing. This is a substantial shift from 2001 when the public was evenly divided (47% good thing vs. 45% bad thing).  The majority of all demographic groups, including Republicans and Americans over 65 years old, support this shift.At the same time, there has been a major shift in attitudes on whether the use of marijuana should be legal. As recently as four years ago, about half (52%) said they thought the use of marijuana should not be legal; 41% said marijuana use should be legal. Today those numbers are roughly reversed – 54% favor marijuana legalization while 42% are opposed.  Just 16% say it should not be legal for either medical or recreational use.Two-thirds (67%) say the government should focus more on providing treatment for people who use drugs like cocaine and heroin. Just 26% think the focus should be more on prosecuting people who use such drugs.

You can read the full article here:
But unlike you I back my shit up. You are in the minority so please stop saying that you don't say anything any other parent wouldn't say.


Anonymous said...

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