Sunday, May 10, 2015


I am so sick of pot smokers always telling me that our Founding Fathers smoked pot!

A guy named Ed writes: 

Good Grief lady, I really wonder why you think ANYONE CARES what you think is immoral in your opinion. George Washington has written four pages on how to grow Cannabis seedless "SINSIMILLA" the only reason to do that is to SMOKE IT. Abe Lincoln "One of my favorite pastimes are playing my harmonica and puffing on sweet hemp." You have no idea what you are demonizing, as you have NEVER SEEN IT. You believe it is immoral for what ever reason that's fine. I have a different perspective and I am not in agreement with yours.

My reply:

AARGGHHHHH JUST BECAUSE GEORGE WASHINGTON SMOKED POT DOESN'T MAKE IT RIGHT AND IT DOESN'T MEAN YOU HAVE TO DO IT! And if you get busted, it won't help to tell the judge that George Washington smoked pot! Kids need to realize this!

And what are parents supposed to tell their kids? "Okay Suzie, when you grow up, it's good to get high on POT, because George Washington smoked pot!!" Parents aren't going to tell their kids THAT!

And what do you want me to do, tell God he is wrong and drop out of my church? I am a convert to the Mormon church and we have direct revelation from God saying that alcohol, tea, coffee, cigarettes and mind-altering drugs like marijuana are not for the body. We are taught the moral and physical reasons to avoid using these things. This HELPS us. It is good to understand why we shouldn't use drugs to have 'fun"! That is not what TRUE fun is! Maybe if George Washington had joined the Mormon church he would have had some better morals!

But I never smoked pot even BEFORE I had religious beliefs! What a thing to do! You shouldn't have to be Mormon or religious to know not to use mind-altering drugs! It is just common sense! If George Washington smoked pot, then he sure had some growing up to do! Here he was a grown man, the FATHER OF OUR COUNTRY, and he used drugs?? That is terrible!

And it makes me FURIOUS that you guys always say that if I haven't smoked pot, I can't possibly speak up against it! You don't have to have used marijuana to know that people use it to get high, stoned, buzzed, relax, have "fun", etc. Pot smokers ADMIT this to us all the time online, and we BELIEVE them! And that is why we are against it!

And I am not "demonizing" it! One of the main reasons I have been forced to continue speaking up against pot all these years is because you guys always accuse me of thinking that "weed" is dangerous and addictive and kills people and "ruins their lives." NOBODY THINKS THAT! Doesn't it even OCCUR TO YOU that we are against it because it's a mind-altering drug??? I say the same things about alcohol! If someone told me they had a few sips of champagne or wine at a wedding once every ten years, I'd say the same things! I rant against alcohol all the time, too--even more than pot! I am so sick of you guys accusing me of thinking that marijuana is "the devil's drug" or that it is some dangerous, addictive killer drug that will make you go crazy. NOBODY THINKS THAT! We are just saying that it is immoral and just plain immature to use a mind-altering drug to get high, stoned, buzzed, relax, have "fun", etc. It could be marijuana, alcohol, or anything else that people use recreationally! CAN'T YOU SEE THAT? Are you guys that empty inside, where you can't even understand that it is immoral and just plain immature to use drugs to get high, stoned, buzzed, relax, etc.? That is not what TRUE fun or relaxation is! We are supposed to use our own minds, and have hobbies and interests, not purposely ingest a mind-altering drug into our system!!

Comments like yours only make me angrier and MORE determined to speak up against pot, because I see how much you guys need my help and guidance! You just don't get it! You honestly expect me to read your comment and say, "Oh wow, I didn't know George Washington smoked pot! Well that changes everything! Now I see that it is okay to get high on WEED! And who cares if you get busted. Just tell the judge that the Father of our Country smoked pot, and you'll be sure to be set free! I can see now where all parents would WANT their children to grow up and get high on POT! After all, the Father of our Country smoked pot, so therefore it must be GOOD! And I will tell God He is wrong, and drop out of my church and smoke pot. And you are so right. I haven't seen pot, so how could I POSSIBLY speak up against it? Here all these years I thought it was the devil's weed, that it would RUIN YOUR LIFE. Now I see how WRONG I was, and that marijuana is good! Pot for everyone! If it was good enough for George, it is good enough for me! Woo hoo!"

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