Friday, March 06, 2015


It's their golden birthday today! Bowler and Brisco are six on the sixth. As always, it was a fun time trying to get them to pose nicely in their Garfield party hats. It's hard enough with one cat, but two can be next to impossible. The first two pictures are from when I trapped them in the bathroom--I figured they couldn't escape and I'd get some nice shots. But it was too close to lunch time and they were freaking out. The rest are after their tummies were full, and they actually didn't mind that there was cardboard on their heads and elastic under their chins.


Jeannette said...

Six?????? Oh my how time goes by fast!! Rico will be 4 sometime in May, Santa will be 7 in June

Anonymous said...

Cute kitties!!! Happy birthday!1!! Why don't u ever talk on your videos? Seen footage of your doll collection ON U TUBE (impresivve!!) and it would be interesting to hear you tell the history and info on them and where u got them more that just u tube descroptions. you seem to have sucha big voice on your blog aand comments and would love 2 hear it in person on avideo!!!!1!:-)

Anonymous said...

Cindy you need to come back to youtube cuz it's really boring without your colorful, sparkling metaphors.