Friday, February 20, 2015


I must get at least 100 emails like this a day: (profanity has been edited)

People sure as hell dont use alcohol for medicinal purposes either and i dont see you whining about people who drink. Aloooot of people actually use weed for medicinal purposes instead of recreational. I know people who take opiates because their back hurts too much. So much that they cant function normally without their medicine that damage their brain and body enormously. And i also know people who smoke weed for the same reason and guess what? They function better and are funnier being around because they are not nearly knocked out like junkies. AND the weed relieves their pain and they will not have to worry about accidental prescription pill overdoses either. If alcohol that can kill you is legal for recreational purposes so should weed that can not kill you. 9% of all weed smokers in the world is mentally dependent. While 15% of those who drink alcohol is both mentally and physically dependent. Alcohol is the reason i never got to meet my grandma (dads mom) and why my grandpa (moms dad) also lost his girlfriend not long ago. Alcohol is horrible f**king sh*t that we have automaticly burned into our brains that it is okay to drink it wont hurt us it wont do that and blabla. I hope to f**king god that weed will be legal worldwide and alcohol illegal so more people wont have to go through what my dad and my grandpa has gone through and everyone else who has lost anyone to this evil sh*t called alcohol.

And people wonder why I say we all need to speak up against pot. 

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