Thursday, February 19, 2015


So I was watching The Middle last night as I usually do, and at the beginning of the show they had a scene where the Heck family was standing around in the kitchen talking about Valentine’s Day, when Axl, the teenage son, said with a sly smile that he had already “celebrated” it last night with his girlfriend. Frankie, the mother, sneered at him and said something about how nobody wants to hear about this, and then Mike, the father, discreetly gave Axl some kind of “thumbs up” hand gesture, like “way to go, son.” I was shocked! Yes I know that they aren’t the best of parents at times, but this was sending a terrible message! It is such a double standard and sets a bad example for any young people watching this show!

Of course they never came right out and said exactly what Axl and his girlfriend DID, but it was implied that they had some kind of sexual contact. And since they are in college, one would THINK that they actually slept together or “went all the way” as we said in my day. Let’s hope they didn’t go that far. But according to all the young guys I have talked to on the Internet, “everybody” has sex when they are a teenager, and if you are still a virgin by the time you are 20, you are considered gay. But that’s another rant.

Anyway, let’s just say that Axl did not “go all the way” with his girlfriend. Even so, what Mike did was uncalled for. If his teenage daughter SUE had said with a smirk on her face that she and her boyfriend Darrin “already celebrated”, Mike would have been all over Darrin, demanding he stay away from his little girl and treat her with respect, etc. But because it was Axl, he encouraged this behavior, essentially cheering him on with his hand gesture and “knowing look” he exchanged with his son.

Normally this show is pretty wholesome and innocent (except that Mike drinks beer almost every night, and even Frankie drinks sometimes), but I just thought this scene went a bit too far. Again, it sent a bad message and was SUCH a double standard. Mike should be teaching his son to behave better than that, and to have respect for women.

Did anyone else notice this scene? If so, what do you think?

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