Thursday, February 26, 2015


I was surfing eBay looking at Liddle Kiddle auctions and came across this poor girl; her vinyl has turned green over the years, as is common with many of these 60's dolls. The green is caused by the metal wires inside the doll which may have rusted, or sometimes snaps on the clothing that react with the vinyl, or even a fungus. I have numerous Kiddles that have green spots, but she is one of the worst I've seen--it looks like she is wearing a green jumpsuit! This doll is Florence Niddle, the "nurse" from the series. I hope someone adopts her and tries to clean her up! For reference, I have included a picture of her mint in the package, so you can see what she is SUPPOSED to look like. Isn't she adorable? This is an example of what I saw on the toy shelves as a little girl.


Anonymous said...

Lol that's actually kind of funny. You're funny when you're not ranting (and when you are.)

Anonymous said...

OMG WHO COULD DO THAT TO SUHC A POOR INNOCENT LITTLE DOLL?!?! she needs lots of love.....cuddle her close and whisper loving encouragement into her ear at night.... i hear it works with plants it may work with precious abused dolls!:-) your a SAINT for saving her!!@!