Thursday, February 19, 2015


Fifty Shades of Grey is not something I plan to see!

It was bad enough when Jimmy Fallon had the actress Dakota Johnson on, but when David Letterman had her as a guest, I just about croaked. I refused to watch the interview, because I didn’t want to get upset. I have always been a fan of Dave and couldn’t believe he would invite her to the show. Although I suppose maybe he felt he had to. And maybe he made it clear he did not approve of the movie, I don’t know. In any case, I zipped through the recording, and made a mental note to mention something about this film on my blog (not that anybody reads it).

In case you hadn’t heard, there are numerous protests against this movie which promotes torture as sexually gratifying, and encourages stalking, abuse of power and glamorizes violence against women. The sad thing is that this movie and the book series it is from has become part of mainstream media now, with popular talk shows interviewing the actors from the movie and audience members cheering them on.

One of the movements is to skip the film and donate money to a women’s shelter, which I think is a great idea. If you would like more information about this and other ways to speak up against this movie, check out the links below from the National Center on Sexual Exploitation.


Cindybin said...

Tonight at the grocery store I saw two magazines with the couple from this movie on the cover: Glamour and Newsweek! Aaarggh! Two popular, mainstream magazines promoting this movie with slick, well-produced romantic-looking pictures on the cover, to make it seem acceptable for the general public to see. What is wrong with our society??

Anonymous said...

Cindybin, I've always disliked and usually disagree with just about everything you say.

But, I actually am in agreement here!!! Wow, who would have thought that, right?

I'm actually part of the BDSM lifestyle, and I can assure you that 50 shades is NOT an accurate representation of the lifestyle!!! It basically takes what "vanilla" (non-BDSM) people think, and uses that to further perpetuate the sterotypes and basically they showcased a disgusting anusive relationship as if it was BDSM. It's sickening to watch, I watched it only so I could know what I'm talking about when I criticize it, but to be honest I couldn't make it all the way through the movie, it was too awful and disgusting

It's terrifying to think that someone who is interested in BDSM might believe this movie to be accurate or a true depiction when really it's a glorified abusive relationship.

Now the second movies come out and I'm just as disgusted once again. It's all so wrong and misconstrued.

Cindybin said...
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Anonymous said...

What?! I'm sorry if I came off as a jerk! Seriously, I didn't mean to. I was just joking around with you, poking fun at the fact we usually disagree, I didn't intend to offend or seem mean, I was actually trying to be nice here, since for once we agree! :)

I like knowing that there's something we can agree on.

And also - Why does being part of the BDSM lifestyle make me a jerk, or warrant an "Oh brother" ?

Please get back to me, and again - I didn't want to upset you with my reply, I was actually hoping it'd make you smiling knowing someone can agree on a point even when I disagree with other points. It certainly made me smile to know there's something we agree on.

Anonymous said...

What?! I am sorry if I offended you, I actually did not mean to with my comment. I was just poking fun at the fact that while we usually disagree, we agree on this point!

I was hoping it'd make you smile actually, knowing someone who disagrees can still agree on other points, it certainly made me smile :)

And how am I jerk for being part of the BDSM lifestyle, and why does it warrant an "oh brother" ?

Please get back to me, and again I am sorry if I offended you here, I really did not mean to. I was excited to see a post that I agreed with you on!

(also I apologize if I posted two very similar comments ... I typed it out and my internet froze right as I hit "post" and since you have comment approval, I don't know if my comment went through or not so I had to re-type my comment.)

Cindybin said...

You are a jerk for disagreeing with basic, innocent things I say, and for being part of the BDSM lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

That does not make any sense, and now you are the one who is being quite rude.

I do not wish to be a jerk to you, and I sincerely apologize if I seemed that way. But how do my sexual lifestyle interests POSSIBLY make me a jerk?! You cannot be serious, you're calling me a jerk for that?! That sort of makes you seem like the jerk here. Can you explain *why* that makes me such a jerk?

I would never ever judge you or anyone else for their sexual interests!

Anonymous said...

No response?

Anonymous said...

So you won't tell me why my sexual preferences make me a jerk? I'm really curious to know ...

Cindybin said...

Again, you are a jerk for disagreeing with basically everything I say, and you can't even understand why that kind of sex is wrong.

Anonymous said...

Oh, come on you can't be serious! Certain kinds of Sex are wrong?! That's crazy talk. As long as everything is consenting adults there isn't anything wrong at all! No one should be concerning themselves with what others do in their own homes, provided no one is being abused.

You act as if I should know why it's wrong, yet you either can't or won't explain it to me. If it's so obvious you should have no problem explaining this to me.

What about it is possibly wrong, do you even know anything about it?

And can you explain why disagreeing with you is wrong? Lots of people disagree with me but I don't tell them that they are wrong.

Anonymous said...

Why can't you explain this to me? Please, I am dying to know your thoughts!

You say it as if it's obvious, but you need to explain it further as it is not obvious to me. You shouldn't have a hard time explaining, since obvious things are very easy to explain.

What if I am married to my "Master", is it morally corect then? What is it exactly that dictates what type of sex is morally right or wrong? Where did you get your list of approved sexual experiences? Who decides what is right and wrong types of sex?

Is sodomy okay?

Are non-missionary sex positions okay?

Is sexual shower-play okay?

Is using food during sex okay?

Are sex toys okay?

Is sexual foot play okay?

Is sexual role-play okay?

Are polyamorous sexual relationships okay?

Are homosexual sexual relations okay?

Is an unconsummated marital relationship okay?

Is masturbation okay?

What type of sex IS okay?

What dictates these rules?! Where do you derive them from? I truly hope you answer me, I am actually very intrigued! (And also admittedly offended) with what you've got to say about this.

I remember reading a post written by you and it was about sucking penises, and more specifically how you'd been made fun of for not wanting to do that. Well, firstly I'm sorry people were so rude to you! But it shocks me after being mocked for your own sexual desires, that you'd turn around and do it to somebody else! Don't you remember how that felt? Why on earth would you want to do the same to somebody else?

I would never judge you or anyone else for sexual preferences, and again I'm very sorry you went through being mocked over such a personal issue. Sex is personal and no one but the person themselves should be making choices or assertions about their sex life.

But anyways, I really want to chat more about this with you, as I have actually never had someone say this to me before, and I am amazed you actually think this, would really like to know more about why you think this. Hope you're having a good night.

Cindybin said...

Join the Mormon church and then you'll understand.

Anonymous said...

I asked my Mormon friend and she told me there is nothing wrong with anybody's sexual lifestyle provided it's all consensual.

So why do you think it's wrong? I want your opinions not the opinions of some ideology. Plus as I said, my Mormon friend found no faults in my or anyone else's sexual problems.

And please do not ask me to join your church, I am very content with my own religious beliefs. How would you like it if I told you to drop out of the Mormon church? It's very rude.

Plus if you truly wanted to convert me, you would tell me more about Mormonism.

Cindybin said...

Oh dear! You asked your Mormon friend and they said nothing is wrong with anybody's sexual lifestyle provided it's all consensual? Wow, I feel just terrible. Now I see how WRONG I have been about all this. And I see now that there is no reason for you to join the Mormon church, since you are happy with your own religious beliefs. I was very rude to tell you that. Thank you for setting me straight about all this. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Why the sarcasm???

I am not trying to change your opinions, I simply want more insight on your opinions. You're telling me my own private sex life is wrong, but you can't even tell me why?!

It doesn't even seem to be a Mormon teaching, my friend told me her church teaches that they need to respect all their neighbours, and not view them as lesser or as doing something wrong. And she said in her personal view the line would be drawn if someone is hurting another, but that's her and not you. I want to hear it from you - not from other people. You're the one I'm speaking to, not some other person who happens to also be a Mormon.

I want to know why you, personally think that my private sex life is wrong and somehow makes me a jerk. I'm starting to think you're the one being a jerk here.

Cindybin said...

Who is your "Mormon friend." I don't believe you have one. You are going to have to prove it.

Anonymous said...

How can I possibly prove that? I can tell you that her name is Melody, I call her Mel... But that's all I can do to prove it. I'd ask her to contact you, but I know she wouldn't. I've shown her your blog and YouTube channel in the past and even asked her to contact you since I found it fascinating you're both Mormon but have such different attitudes and she said she didn't want to speak to you and thought it would be pointless.

Plus why does it matter if I have a Mormon friend? I still want to know why YOU think my private life makes me a jerk. So why?

Please tell me!

Cindybin said...

The Mormon church is clear on sexual matters. But you shouldn't even have to be Mormon or religious to know that torture sex and all that stuff is wrong. Go watch the "Porn Harms" channel and the National Center for Sexual Exploitation--they have really good articles and videos about this.

Anonymous said...

Well it's not really "torture sex" as you put it, but I still don't see what's wrong if everyone is happy. I'm not talking about porn, I'm talking about real life.

It's not doing any harm at all if everyone is happy and playing safely. That's why these 50 shades movies and books irk me, because they don't encourage the safety aspect. (Well that is one of many reasons I dislike them)

But anyways I don't see how anyone's sexual lifestyle is wrong. I see how it can be unpleasant to some while some love the idea, but that's okay everyone is different. There are lots of people who have sexual desires that I find to be weird or downright gross, but as long as no one is hurt and everyone is consenting I'd never judge or deem it to be wrong.

Cindybin said...

It isn't right and you know it. Heavenly Father doesn't want that.

Anonymous said...

Well I don't believe there is a Heavenly Father; but if there is then I don't see why he would find any problem with it.

If there is a God I believe he would want us to explore our bodies and find out what we enjoy and then share it with one another.

I don't "know it" in fact, I know the opposite to be true. There is nothing "wrong" about my sexlife, it's pretty awesome actually.

Cindybin said...

Okay, yes you are right, nobody ever told me this, all kinds of sex is okay, we should explore our bodies, there's nothing to be ashamed of. YOu are a wonderful person. You have set me straight on everything.

Anonymous said...

It's funny, I know that you're being sarcastic yet everything you said is actually true and accurate!

All kinds of (Consenting) sex are just fine! And it is healthy and positive for someone to explore their body both sexually and non-sexually. And the most accurate of all - no one should ever be ashamed of their own sexual desires!!!!

It's awful to suggest otherwise.

Cindybin said...

Yes, all kinds of CONSENTING sex is fine. ANYTHING is fine, all kinds of sex. Yep, you are right. YOu have really taught me and made me see the light. And of course nobody should ever be ashamed of their own sexual desires. I see now that I was wrong. I thought people should be ashamed.

Anonymous said...

Again, I know you're being sarcastic, however the words you've written are very correct. It's pathetic .... You can't even tell me WHY my sexlife makes me a bad person so with lack of reasoning to provide you instead retreat to your safety net of idocy, perhaps it's an attempt at humour, but just comes off as a pathetic display of bigotry, stubbornness and honestly ... Stupidity.

Seriously though, real talk, Cindy. What's so wrong with it? Honestly how do you think you've got the right to tell anybody that their sex life is "wrong" ? Or that they shouldn't have sex in a certain way?

If you're not into BDSM, that's 100% fine, nothing wrong with that! But to say that other people should not engage in it, is ridiculous bigotry at its finest.

No one should be ashamed of their sex life; but you know what people should be ashamed of? Trying to force their personal opinions and ideals into how other peope live their lives. That is what the truly "wrong" behaviour is.

It's very clear that you were being pathetically sarcastic here; but I hope that one day you truly do see the light and realize how awful it is to attempt to interject yourself and your nonsensical beliefs into the private sex-lives of others.

Seriously, what's next, trying to tell people how to masturbate? Lol, wouldn't surprise me.

Cindybin said...

Yes-sir-ee. You are such an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Seriously?! You can't even explain your own beliefs yet I'm the idiot? Lol you've always served me as a wonderful entertainment source, Cindy and I hope you can continue to do so! Cheers

Cindybin said...

I hope everyone reads your comments.

Anonymous said...

I hope they do too! That's why I wrote them; to share my opinions.

Another Anonymous said...

Sorry Cinbin, but I'm another person who agrees with all the comments from the anon on this post.

No one should be shamed for their sexual choices and desires so long as everyone involved is a consenting adult. It's none of my business to dictate what any else does or should do in their bedroom and it's certainly not anyone else's business to dictate what I do in my bedroom. How would you feel if someone tried to say that the way you have sex with your husband is wrong or that you shouldn't do it, and/or that it makes you a bad person? I bet you wouldn't like that, so you shouldn't be doing it to others.

And also Fifty Shades is awful and deplorable it just showcases abuse labelled as "BDSM" and as the other commenter said, just gives the BDSM community a false and negative identity.

Cindybin said...

You are an idiot.

Another Anonymous said...

Well I think you are an idiot, as well as a very mean and intolerant person!

If you actually think that it's your place or your business to tell others what they should and shouldn't do in their bedroom .. Then you're extremely bigoted, stupid, rude and frankly just all-around awful. Get a life and stop telling other people how they should have sex.

Another Anonymous said...

How would you feel if someone tried to tell you that the way in which you have sex is wrong, or that it's against God, or that it makes you a bad person? Honestly think about that question.. How would it make you feel?

Cindybin said...

That would make me feel great!

Anonymous said...

Well then I think vaginal sex is wrong and immoral! Only the most evil of women will let a man put his penis in their vagina. You may only ever let him put it in your butt, or your mouth. Any other way is immoral. You must also spank him with a belt after you're finished. Otherwise it's highly immoral, and any rational person will think you're evil and disgusting.

Cindybin said...

You are an idiot.

Cindybin said...

You are such an idiot. How can you disagree with me when I say that using drugs is wrong? Don't you have any morals?? How can you disagree with the things I say?? Is this how you're going to raise your kids, to grow up and smoke POT, and to drink alcohol, and swear, and get tattoos and piercings?? And to do your "special kind of sex"? What is wrong with you??