Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Get ready for a rant.

I signed into Yahoo to check email, and right there at the top of my news story list was something from the "Huffington Post" about Grandmas smoking pot for the first time. It had a picture of a video you could click on (which I didn't), and said:

"Three grandmas recently smoked marijuana for the first time and got high. It is the best thing ever. And don't worry, they didn't break the law -- Cut filmed the trio in their home state of Washington, where recreational use is legal."

All I can say is, "AAARGGGHHHHH!" I can't believe this! What is WRONG with people??? All the years I have spoken up against drugs, and how a grown adult should know better, etc. and these women, GRANDMOTHERS, smoke pot, and on camera for all to see??? They should be ashamed of themselves!!

What is even more disturbing are all the COMMENTS! Here is a sample:

Nothing new here! I'm 74 and smoke all of the time.

Ok, That was just Funny as it can get. Now get High and watch it again!! lmao

That was adorable.

It had me laughing pretty hard XD I would totally smoke with them.

My grandmother made home made preserves and quilts....lmao These are pretty cool ladies.

See, weed ain't so bad. It makes you happy, hungry, then sleepy. If more people got happy this world would be better place.

for a first time experience i would NOT recommend the wine... maybe after your used to it then try a little wine to see how they mix....

`i am for freedom. if you want to set yourself on fire go to it, but as a retired state trooper i can assure you some of the pot smokers will get high and then drive and kill themselves or someone else or both. i have already worked many of these accidents, so be careful what you wish for.

People who drink beer , they do kill people too ,after heavy drinking. I know you have see that every day..

Both my parents where pot heads, my childhood sucked because of it. (if your a parent) Remember you have a kids, if you don't have kids, SMOKE UP

Marvelous, thanks. Makes me wish I'd done this with my mom, but I'm too darn late in my case. But a great little movie, well done.

Omg, what a dangerous drug! Quick, re-ban it!

And the first time is usually nothing. Wait till your second time ladies. WOW.

I'm a Grandma who smokes too.

Funny. Now they should do the same thing with a roomful of grannies and grampas and young people. What a party that would be! I like the one in the middle.. she got mellow!

I love it...very cute...

James Clapper First time did nothing for me at all. Luckily I gave it a 2nd chance. Closest thing to God you'll find.

What is WRONG with people???? I was reading and finally found one comment from a state trooper who mentioned something about how pot smokers will drive high and kill themselves or someone else, and I thought FINALLY someone on this board is standing up against drug use. But then of course someone right after that said that pot only makes you MORE careful while driving. An excuse I have heard many, many times from pot smokers. And then there were the "Pot is safer than alcohol" excuses and how people drive while drinking beer. As if that makes it okay to smoke pot? As I have said, we shouldn't smoke pot OR drink alcohol! 

I can't believe this world we live in! Is there anybody else out there who agrees with me that it is terrible these women smoked pot, and that all these people were praising them and saying it was "cute" and talking about how they wish they had done this with their mom, and how smoking pot is "the closest thing to God you will find"? WHERE ARE PEOPLES MORALS AND VALUES AND MATURITY??? Most parents would croak if their child grew up to smoke pot! Most parents try to teach their kids that drugs are wrong, at any age! Yet these grown women, GRANDMOTHERS, are sitting there getting high on pot, on camera for all to see, AND the world is PRAISING them??? What kind of world is this??? 

I hate the Internet. I wouldn't even know about this if we didn't have it. 


MattVega said...

Dude, are you KIDDING ME?!

I thought I told you, your trolling days are over! The jig is up. I know you're a man, and I'm sure most people know this. It's so obvious. Just stop with this blog!

There's no way in Hell you are actually who you say you are. There is no way a woman that awful and crazy exists! Your little character you've created is nowhere near being realistic. A grown woman would never behave this way or say things like you do. If you want to pretend to be a bitter and crazy old lady, at least put some effort into making it look real!

Plus, You're ruining the reputation of that poor woman whose picture you stole for your little "troll-fest". Think about that, why don't you? Some older lady, presumably very kind. She probably has kids, maybe even grand kids. I'm sure she's a sweet lady. and now, thanks you YOU, if someone recognizes her on the street they're going to see her as the absolutely insane, ignorant, bitter, mean, batty old lady that you make her out to be! What you're doing to some poor old lady is pathetic, and honestly shameful.

Honestly. What the Hell, dude? She's just an old lady, why would you do something like this to her?? I bet you just didn't bother to think of the consequences, did you? No, of course not. All you thought about was how funny it would be to pretend to be a nasty and insane old woman! Which by the way, isn't even funny.

There is no way this "Cindy" persona is real. All this is, is some dude (maybe a girl) with way too much time on their hands, and nothing better to do than troll the internet and ruin an innocent old woman's reputation.

The the Cindybin 'joke' has been going in long enough now. You've squeezed everything you can out of this awful character, now put an end to it! The joke was over long ago, and now it's rotting and growing mould, surrounded by cobwebs. This joke, or act, or persona, or whatever you're calling it is DONE. You hear me? It's done. Stop pretending to be this old lady!!

You've already done everything you can with "Cindybin" it's time to lay her to rest for good. Delete this blog. The show is over, dude. Time to end your scam.

Chris said...

Yes I agree with you Cindy. We should do like the middle East and execute pot smokers. Think of the children!

M.Cooper said...

I just want to add to your blog post. I developed epilepsy about 6 years ago and my doctor prescribed medical marijuana and I told him no thanks. People say that it would help me, but I have no interest in it at all.

Anonymous said...

Doll collecting is a mind-altering hobby that is clearly bad for everyone, including young children. Collecting dolls alters the brain of every single person that decides to engage in the destructive habit. People claim all the time that collecting dolls is "fun" and is meant to be a joyful activity. It is clear that mind-altering hobbies like doll collecting are to be avoided for everyone with good, clean morals. Can't you see why doll collecting is bad? Would anyone REALLY raise their children to collect dolls? Don't you see how you are clearly wrong? I have written thousands of comments over TWO DECADES speaking out about doll collecting, and still, you collectors don't get it! All I am saying is that we shouldn't collect dolls recreationally. What kind of parent would raise a child to grow up to be a doll collector, anyways? This is good morals and just common sense!

billsurgenor said...

MattVega, do you have any proof? Why do you assume people like this don't exist, remember the nazis ?

Billy Bob said...

Anonymous you are hilarious