Thursday, February 06, 2014


Speaking of Justin Bieber, I saw a story about the upcoming 50th anniversary of the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show, and several people were commenting how the Beatles were so much more mature and well-behaved compared to some of the artists we have today.

“…while the hair gave many of our parents grief,” wrote one poster about the Beatles, “Bieber’s antics would give our grandparents heart attacks. They were not splattered across the tabloids like some of today’s artists.”

Another person wrote that there is “no excuse for Bieber” and said that he’s a “lil punk”, adding that the Beatles were “more grounded and mature when they met their inevitable date with destiny.”

And yet another person said that we should all enjoy the Beatles 50th anniversary hoopla while we can, “because in 40 years, it might be Justin Beaver and some other rodent on a talk show.”

While I agree that Beaver, I mean Bieber, is acting out of control what with his pot smoking and drinking and tattoos and piercings and stripper antics, I also disagree to an extent that the Beatles were so much better. Don’t get me wrong; I’m a big Beatles fan—I have all their CD’s and movies and have read lots of books about them—but I pointed out to some of the people on that board that the Fab Four used drugs and alcohol and cigarettes and profanity, and they had casual premarital sex and cheated on their wives and girlfriends, and they even showed a scene in the Magical Mystery Tour where they went to a strip club! That is TERRIBLE! Here they were, grown men, some married at the time, and yet they went to a strip club and put this in the movie for all to see. And they all did various drugs before they came to America, and smoked pot when they were here. It’s well known they went through lots of joints while on the set of “Help!”And then Paul admitted on national TV that he used LSD. He and his wife Linda smoked pot for years, even when they were parents! Paul smoked pot WELL into his adulthood. I read Pattie Boyd Harrison’s autobiography and was shocked at all that went on when she was married to George—pot parties with her little brother rolling the joints for them, etc. The press knew about their drug use and infidelities, they just didn’t report on it like they do with Bieber (with the exception of the Paul and LSD story). And then there was the whole John and Yoko naked on the album cover thing--what was the deal with that?

And of course when I spoke up about this, I got lots of thumbs down and people scolded me and said mean things and called me a “troll.” Sigh. Pot smokers online for years have pointed out to me that the Beatles smoked pot while calling me a “hypocrite” for liking the Beatles, so then when I speak up about the group’s drug and alcohol use, etc., they still put me down. I can’t win. Of course I am not defending Justin Bieber; I totally agree he has behaved horribly and needs to grow up (which I know can be difficult when you have a father who is participating in the same kinds of activities). And if anything, Bieber and his father should have learned from the Beatles' mistakes! But did they? Sure doesn't sound like it. 

Anyway, here are a few videos you might enjoy, including the Beatles first appearance on the Ed Sullivan show Feb. 9, 1964 (which I’m sure you’ve already seen but watch it again, it’s cute!). The second is from 1994 when David Letterman was celebrating the Beatles 30th anniversary when they first appeared in the Ed Sullivan studio, where Dave does his show to this day. Excuse the poor quality of this video; as the uploader says, “I wish somebody would have told me not to have dubbed and redubbed all of my VHS tapes in case I would be sharing them with a zillion people…”

And speaking of David Letterman, be sure to watch his special to air February 9 where he interviews Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr as part of “The Night that Changed America: A Grammy Salute to the Beatles”, on CBS. It sounds interesting!

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Jeannette said...

I got a bone to pick with Justin Bieber. He got arrested for drag racing and drinking and for being high in my city (what's funny is that I was on Lincoln Road just a few weeks ago, the same street Justin was caught) and when he was released on bail...grrrrrrr!!!!! My local news not only interrupted my beloved General Hospital but they followed Justin for 30 minutes!! 30 Minutes of a release of an immature teenager. What a waste.