Friday, February 14, 2014

Cindybin’s Video Pick of the Week: Revolution by Imagine Dragons

Oh boy, another Beatles blog (do I have Beatlemania?). I just wanted to share a video of Imagine Dragons singing the Beatles song Revolution on the 50th anniversary tribute show the other night (see my review of the show below). I was really impressed with their performance—just four guys sitting on stools singing and playing acoustic guitars. I thought they did a really good arrangement of this song and sounded great. (And they weren’t covered with tattoos and piercings.)

I had never heard of this group before so I looked them up on Wiki and learned that they are an alternative rock band from Las Vegas. They apparently had a hit single called Radioactive, but I sure never heard it. I just don’t listen to radio stations that play newer music. I only listen to the radio when I’m in the car, and I alternate between the oldies (60s and 70s), NPR and news. But now I’m hip and know about a band other than the Beatles and the Monkees, haha.

Here is Imagine Dragons singing Revolution. Hope you enjoy it if you haven't yet seen it!

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