Thursday, November 14, 2013


We watched a documentary on The Rutles the other night, called “All You Need is Cash.” What a great band! My favorite era was when they were loveable moptops, singing such hits as “Hold My Hand” and “I Must be in Love.” I really loved their movies “A Hard Day’s Rut” and “Ouch!” and the songs of the same name. Those were the greatest—so fun and bouncy.

But by the time they released “Sgt. Rutter’s Only Darts Club Band”, the group was heavily under the influence of tea, and it showed in their music. It’s just terrible they took tea. I have ranted against tea for years. How could they do such a thing? Nobody EVER offered me tea or talked about it to me or anything. I’ve never even SEEN tea!

And then there was that whole brouhaha where Ron Nasty said the Rutles were bigger than God and that God had never had a hit record. I almost burned all my records then! And of course with their final release, “Let it Rot”, the band was on the brink of destruction—probably due to all the tea, their bad financial decisions such as Rutle Corps, and of course Ron Nasty’s German-born Nazi artist girlfriend who was always in the way.

Even so, the film brought back great memories of my youth. I think my favorite Rutle was Stig, the quiet one. He was so dark and mysterious and literally never spoke. Too bad Leppo, the “fifth Rutle”, never made it big. Yes, in the words of Paul Simon, there never will be another band as great as the Rutles.

Here are a few video clips to take you back in time to those good old days:


Anonymous said...

I know for a god damn fact that you have drank tea plenty of times before you hypocrite. You were not mormon you're whole life so i know you have had tea before and i bet you had no problem drinking tea before you joined that... cult.

Cindybin said...

First of all, don't swear. Secondly, I know I was not a Mormon my whole life. I have said many times that I am a CONVERT to the church. I joined in my mid-20s. But I didn't drink tea or coffee, it just never appealed to me. I always felt that tea and coffee, especially coffee, were for "grownups" and I never felt "old enough" to consume such a strong drink. Plus the thought of hot drinks never appealed to me. I always liked water, milk or sweet things like Orange Crush, etc. But as I've explained before, in the Mormon church we have The Word of Wisdom which we believe to be direct revelation from God saying that tea, alcohol, coffee, cigarettes and mind-altering drugs like marijuana are not for the body. We are taught the moral and physical reasons to avoid using these things. This HELPS us. One of the things that ATTRACTED me to the church years ago was knowing Mormons don't use these things. I have explained over and over that I never drank tea or coffee before I joined the church. But even if I had, it would not make me a "hypocrite", because that would have been BEFORE I became a Mormon! And I have explained over and over that I did experiment with alcohol in my college days. I wanted to be bad and cool and loosen up at a party. We even had alcohol available at our wedding. I thought that's just what you did, that you HAD to have alcohol at events like these. And I took a sip of champagne when people were encouraging us to toast. But that was the last sip of alcohol I had in my life. It was in 1979 and I was 22 years old. I just knew it wasn't right, and I had no desire to alter my mind. And after the reception, my husband and I even said that if we'd had to do it over again, we would NOT have had alcohol available at this event. There was just no reason that grown adults should want or need to use a mind-altering drug to have a good time. And this was BEFORE I joined the Mormon church. Also, the Mormon church is not a "cult." I know there are many things said and written about the church that are taken out of context, distorted and just plain false. I read all that stuff over 30 years ago in the anti-Mormon books I found when I was first trying to learn about the Church. I took time to learn the truth. I can't imagine being a member of any other church.

Anonymous said...

I'm kind of surprised that, given your strong negative position on pot, you seem to enjoy music and humour that owes its very existence to marijuana.

Cindybin said...

Dear Anonymous, Now see? This proves my point about why we all need to speak up against pot and why it should be illegal forever! It is not because of marijuana itself, but because of the people who use and defend it, like you! Look at you! Instead of being a nice, decent guy and commending and supporting me for speaking up against drugs, you make this snide comment about how I like entertainment based on marijuana. Oh brother. You are setting a terrible example for any young people.