Thursday, October 10, 2013



MONKEES AND BEATLES: They all look alike to kids!

Beatles and Monkees, Monkees and Beatles…how is a child supposed to know one mop top or “long haired weirdo” from the other?

For someone like me who grew up with both the Fab Four and the “Pre-Fab Four”, it’s easy to tell John, Paul, George and Ringo from Mike, Micky, Peter and Davy. But for preschoolers, it can be a little challenging. I learned that last weekend while watching both groups with my grandkids. It took her awhile to learn their names, but my granddaughter now fancies Ringo and also has a little thing for George, so she’ll watch the Beatles anytime. She even gets Mom and Dad to pretend to be Ringo and George so she can go on a “date” with them.

“One, two, three, four,” she said, counting each Beatle on a YouTube video. “They’re the same number that I am!”

She could probably tell a Monkee apart from a Beatle in a lineup. And she definitely knows Davy Jones from his appearance on the Brady Bunch.  Her little brother, however, has a bit more trouble, and doesn’t quite get that there are two separate groups.

“Where Monkees go?” asked the not-quite-two-year-old while watching the movie “Help!” with us.

“They aren’t in this movie.”


“There’s George.”

“No, that’s Paul, sweetie. That’s George over there.”

“Where Monkees go?”

“They aren’t in this movie, honey. This is the Beatles.”


This went on throughout most of the movie. So later we popped an episode of the Monkees into the DVR.

“Where Ringo go?”

“Ringo isn’t in this, honey—this is the Monkees.”


Silence for a minute.

“There’s George.”

“No, that’s Mike. He’s a Monkee.”

Silence for two minutes while he continues to watch.

“There’s Paul,” he says, pointing to the screen.

“No, that’s still Mike. This is the Monkees. Paul is a Beatle, he’s not in this show.”

Silence for awhile again.

“Where Ringo go?”

Sigh. Oh well, it will click someday—maybe when he’s the same number as they are.

My grandchildren: they’re pretty fab. Yeah yeah yeah!


Jeannette said...

aww that's so cute. I even read this outloud to my mom and she said "Aww"

Anonymous said...

Think about all the drugs the Beatles did back in the day......