Saturday, September 28, 2013


Twiggy is back!

Actually she never really left. She has worked for decades as a model, actress and singer. But I did not know she is on Home Shopping Network! I just stumbled across the iconic British model on HSN earlier this summer while flipping channels, and wanted to keep watching. I had never really thought much about Twiggy one way or the other; I was just a kid during her 60’s modeling heyday. But now that we are both older “mature” women, I feel like I can relate to her more. She just seemed so nice and down to earth. And it was so neat hearing her talk about fashion and beauty. Her line is called “Twiggy London” and she made it all sound so fun. In fact, she said in an article on the HSN website that “all clothes should be gorgeous, affordable, comfortable and fun.” And I do feel that the genuine enthusiasm she has for her products shines through.

Her most recent appearance was September 19 when she was celebrating her 63rd birthday. I made sure to catch her as often as I could—even though there were a million other things I could have and should have been doing. But I couldn’t resist seeing what she was wearing, checking out her new products, hearing her talk and listening to customers calling in and chatting about her line.

I COULD resist, however, buying anything. Thank goodness! I am proud of myself and hubby is relieved, too. That is because I HAVE bought several of her items through eBay in the past couple of months—including purses, tops, a watch, and a keychain. But, being the frugal bargain hunter I am, I bought them used and saved lots of money!

Purses are my weakness (hubby’s famous words: “Oh no, not another purse!”) but I have limited myself to just two of Twiggy’s (so far): a small black cross-body bag and a large hot pink and orange union jack tote. The black purse wasn’t my first color choice; it was originally sold in cool shades like purple and hot pink, but they’re all sold out on the HSN website and this has been the only one I’ve seen on eBay. I still love it, though. The large pink tote has a matching makeup case and a white dustbag with Twiggy’s logo on it. The keychain can hang on a purse for decoration, and has British-themed charms (the black cat represents Twiggy’s cat and it’s nice because I have a black cat, too). And since my husband is always after me to dress nicer—I tend to wear plain old drab t-shirts—he couldn’t be mad when I bought two tops: a knit sweater with a snowflake pattern, and a union jack long sleeve shirt to match my tote. So cute! (Now if only I looked as good as the models wearing them.)

AND I bought a Twiggy doll—not from her product line, but by Franklin Mint, released some ten years ago. It’s one of those collector dolls for adults—16” tall and very well made, a beautiful likeness of the 60’s Twiggy. (See separate blog for pictures.)

So as you can see, I have had a bit of “Twiggy fever” the past few months. My husband asks why I even bother to watch her if I’m not really interested in most of her products. Well it would be nice if someone GAVE them to me, but I’m not going to pay all that money for a suede or leather jacket or suede boots or shimmery sequin tops, etc., no matter how good a deal they are. Most of the tops I saw were around $50 on sale, which is a lot to me. And the boots and jackets were way out of my price range, well over $100 (which I hear is cheap compared to prices in New York, etc.). Plus, I can’t think of a place I’d even wear them. Twiggy and the show hosts were talking about how they are must-haves for your fashion wardrobe this season, but I still wear the same jacket I bought on sale for about $30 back in the early 90s when my kids were little!

Hubby also can’t understand why I would want to sit and listen to someone like Twiggy talking for hours. I tell him that it’s just fun to hear about fashion and beauty, and also seeing a woman like that gives me hope for the future. She is older than me and still alive and kicking and looking great. So she is a role model of sorts. Although she does drink alcohol. She was talking about how her family was taking her out to dinner for her birthday, and I braced myself. Anytime anyone mentions dinner or a restaurant or “fine dining”, alcohol seems to come up in the same sentence. “Don’t say it, don’t say it…” I said to myself. And then she said it: “And we’ll celebrate with some champagne!” Dangit, she said it! And the show host chimed, “I bet you will!” like this was perfectly wonderful. It seems ALL those HSN hosts drink. Someone will start out the show by telling us to sit down and “pour a glass of wine”. I can’t even watch a segment about their latest wonder cream without hearing about booze. One lady was showing how to mix her cream with your foundation, and the host said, “Mix it like a martini” and the lady said, “Oh yes, we all know how to make martinis.” Haven’t these ladies read a thing I’ve written?

Oh well, booze or not, I still like Twiggy and am looking forward to her next appearance coming up in November. Here are a few pictures of her then and now, and the products I have purchased.


Sandy at Home Shopping said...

Her enthusiasm for her products really does shine through. An interesting lady.

Anonymous said...

She was also a judge on "America's Next Top Model." She hasn't been on the show for 5-6 years but they often play reruns.