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Thanks to Beast'sbelle at NeverGrowUpDollGuide for nominating me for an Elegant Blogger Award! Here are the answers to the 12 questions: 

1  1.  Why did you start blogging? I originally started my blog back in 2001 as a place to post my weight loss story. I had had success on Somersize, a controlled-carb program, and many of the ladies I Somersized with posted their weight loss stories and before/after photos on their websites. I used the old Yahoo “Geocities” site but when they went defunct I moved it to Blogger. I blog now mainly as a creative outlet, since I am a former newspaper reporter and writing is in my blood.

2.  What is your fashion style? I like to be comfortable as well as modest, which means t-shirts and culottes in the summer, and jeans or sweat pants in the winter. When I’m at home by myself I’m a real slob.

3.  What is something your followers don't know about you? I have lots of things that I don’t tell anyone about, but as far as something I can “share with the world,” I can’t think of anything interesting or out of the ordinary. How about that I had mononucleosis my sophomore year of college and had to miss a month of school?

4.  What is one of your blogging goals? I have lots of ideas, it’s just hard finding the time or motivation to write. I’d like to post more regularly and be more organized. I also would like to write a blog entitled, “Doll Collecting 101 for Pot Smokers and Other Bullies” to educate all those who make fun of me and others who collect dolls as a hobby. Because I have spoken up against drugs, profanity, etc., I run across a lot of “bullies” or clueless people online who honestly think that only little girls can have dolls. They know nothing about doll collecting as a hobby for adults, and I want to educate them (even though they will still be mean). I also want to write more blogs about what pot smokers have said to me, so that voters and lawmakers can see what they are like. And I want to write a blog about what people have said to me when I have spoken up against profanity and alcohol and pornography. All this in addition to tons of blogs about dolls and cakes and current events and vital social issues and other fun stuff! If only I didn’t have to sleep!

5.  Where is your favorite place to shop? Target, ToysRUs, eBay, thrift stores, garage sales, doll shows, and fancy stores even though I can’t afford anything there.

6.  What would your ideal amount of followers be? I’d like to have all the followers in the world, haha. But I only have about 20 at the moment. Two are friends who never really read my blog, and several are pot smokers who only subscribed to annoy me. I don’t think I have any regular readers. Judging from the “blog stats”, people only find my blog by searching for subjects or people I have written about (such as exercise lady Nancy Larson or the Three Stooges movie). They seem to glance at the blog and leave. Very few people comment (or if they do, they are pot smokers and it is usually so vulgar I can’t print it!). After my years of posting on the old Yahoo boards and being voted “Yahoo Troll of the Year” in 2004, with websites and message boards made about me, I thought I was so well-known online. But I sure don’t have many followers.

7.  What are your talents? I can sew, crochet, decorate cakes, write shorthand and write good newspaper articles and blogs.

8.  Are you a leader or a follower? I suppose I’m more of a follower, although I could be a leader if I had to.

9.  What is your favorite quote?
“Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal; but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there our heart will be also.” Matthew 6:19-21.

10.  Do you have a favorite book or book series? I love Trixie Belden mystery series, which I first read as a little girl. I also like Jane Asher cake decorating and craft books. I love Emma by Jane Austin, and Little Women by Louisa May Alcott.

11.   Out of all the synonyms for elegant, which would you describe yourself with (smart, dressy, stylish, graceful, or fine)? I would say I’m fairly smart and graceful, and I can be stylish in my own way.

12.   What is your favorite flower? Violets.

As for tagging 12 people, that is impossible. I don’t follow many blogs. I had a few in mind but they were already tagged. But here are three:


cindy binladin said...

when are you gonna make a anti marijuana blog? i have been waiting so long, how long are you gonna keep me waiting? or are you too scared?

Anonymous said...

so when you gonna post your anti marijuana blog? you were not just lying were you?

U.S. Sailor said...

Speaking as a Sailor of the United States Navy, I am required to abstain from consuming any illegal substances as per Art. 112a of the UCMJ, so I hope you'll answer me with a good attitude as I will abide by the UCMJ for as long as I am enlisted.

Though I am restricted from using marijuana, that does not mean I may not express my feelings on the matter; I think it's completely asinine that the recreational use of marijuana is prohibited. The amount of bodily harm inflicted by the use of marijuana does not campare to the damage delt by regular tabacco products in the same amounts. I'd yield to you more reasons, but it isn't anything that hasn't already been said.

My Question: What is the cause of such strong hatred for cannibis, and contempt toward those who use it for recreation(not applying to your harrassers of course)?

I look forward to an honest and carefully thought-out answer.

Sincerely, SR Gonzales U.S.N.

Cindybin said...

Oh for heaven's sake, haven't you read a thing I've written? Why do you guys always try to compare smoking pot with CIGARETTES? That isn't the same at all! We don't get high or stoned or drunk or tipsy from cigarettes! And you all think that we are against pot because we think it's all dangerous and addictive and kills people. Nobody thinks that! Doesn't it even OCCUR to you that we are against it because it's a mind-altering drug?? Pot smokers ADMIT to us all the time online that they use it to get high, stoned, buzzed, relax and unwind, have "fun", enjoy life, etc. We BELIEVE them when they tell us why they smoke pot and how it affects them! And that is why we are against it! That is what makes it wrong! We shouldn't use mind-altering drugs for these reasons! This is good morals and just plain common sense! And the same goes for alcohol! Alcohol is a drug! Just because it's legal doesn't make it right! As for why I'm so against marijuana, as I've said a million times, I never even THOUGHT about marijuana before all this! I never smoked pot, I've never even SEEN marijuana! It is ILLEGAL! It wasn't until we got the Internet about ten years ago when I was in my 40's and I started talking to all the pot smokers that all this happened. Boy have you guys opened my eyes! I made one little comment on a Yahoo board all those years ago saying that we shouldn't use drugs, and all heck broke loose. I don't say anything that any other parent wouldn't say! What parent would ever raise their kids to grow up and use drugs to get high? At any age?? Most parents try to raise their kids with morals, values and maturity to know not to use drugs! Didn't YOUR parents raise you to know better than this? I can't believe I even have to say these things. But anyway, just knowing that you guys honestly think that if only I knew that pot is safer than cigarettes proves my point about why we all need to speak up against pot and why it should be illegal forever. It is not because of marijuana itself, but because of the people who use and defend it! Do we really want people like that walking around actually USING mind-altering drugs? Of course not!

Cindybin said...

Also, I have spoken up against cigarettes for years online, too! Of course we shouldn't smoke cigarettes; that's a given! But again, you cannot compare cigarettes to pot, that isn't the same at all! We don't get high or stoned or tipsy or drunk from cigarettes. But anyway, I have written tons of comments over the years against cigarettes, and I wrote a long blog about the dangers of tobacco and how my dad died hooked up to an oxygen tank after years of smoking. I publish this every Father's Day on my blog here.

U.S. Sailor said...

Cindy, I can honestly say with peace of mind that many of those staments are incorrect, and others completely irrelevent. You are saying that because of the small event that happened 10 years ago on YAHOO, you're dedicating your life to the defamation of cannabis (That's the impression I'm recieving, at least).

All you're doing is making yourself a target for harrassment and letting these people antagonize you to the point where you yourself act like a child saying the same thing over and over again which leads me to counter one of your quotes with: "What kind of parent would raise their child to be a mindless robot with only one narrow-minded view on everyone who thinks using marijuana isn't wrong?" Just because their beliefs are counter to yours does not make them bad people, and what you say has no effect on their opinions toward their actions.

On top of this, you never truly answered my question. You're saying it's wrong because it alters your mind; False. Yes cannibis alters your mind, but many other types of teas, supplements and even everyday items have a similar effect and not just on your mind but on your body as well, more than likely you have been exposed to these in your life.

I did not say anything in relation to alcohol, you brought that up your own.

You really should not waste your life like this, I strongly encourage you to persue something else and move on with.

No further comment.

Cindybin said...

Oh brother. I hope all the voters and lawmakers in the world read your comment; it proves my point about why we all need to speak up against pot and why it should be illegal forever, with very stiff penalties. Again, it is not because of marijuana itself, but because of the people who use and defend it! I can't BELIEVE that after ALL I SAID in my previous comment, honestly and sincerely pouring my heart out to you and answering your question, that you would STILL say all this stupid stuff. You were supposed to feel embarrassed and ashamed for ever even THINKING of using mind-altering drugs, and thank me for taking a stand and speaking up and reaching out! But noooo, you say all this ridiculous stuff that again proves my point about we we all need to speak up against pot. And then you tell me about how tea, etc. alters your mind. Pot smokers always tell me that, even using comparisons like how TV or going to an amusement park alters your mind. That isn't the same as getting high on pot and you know it!! And no state trooper will pull you over for having tea! And as I've said a million times, I don't drink tea or coffee, it's even against my religion! And marijuana and alcohol is against my religion! I'm a convert to the Mormon church and we have The Word of Wisdom which we believe to be direct revelation from God saying that these things are not for the body. What am I supposed to do, deny God? The Word of Wisdom was given to us in the latter days to HELP us! But as I've also said a million times, I wasn't Mormon and not even religious in high school or college and I sure never smoked pot. You'd have to be a totally different person to do such a thing. And I sure wouldn't use pot NOW, even if I didn't have any religious beliefs. My whole point is that a grown adult should be WELL PAST the age where they'd want to use a mind-altering drug to get high, stoned, buzzed, relax and unwind, have "fun", enjoy life, etc. Can't you see that?? And I'm not saying that just because of one small post years ago on Yahoo that I am "dedicating my life to the defamation of cannabis"! I'm just saying that that is how all this started, that I made one little comment and all heck broke loose. And now that I know how pot smokers think, I realize it is our duty to educate them! They all honestly think that if only we knew that pot is safer than alcohol and cigarettes, and that things like tea or watching TV is mind-altering as well, and how GOOD it makes you feel to get high, that we'd suddenly realize it's okay. The pot smokers all honestly think that if only I would TRY pot, I'd suddenly see it's okay. Seriously! They think this! They also all think that if only I knew that they get good grades or have a good job and pay taxes, and that people like Carl Sagan and Steve Jobs smoked pot that I'd suddenly realize it's okay. This and your comments prove my point! All the pot smokers keep asking me when I'm going to make my anti-pot blog, well I don't have to! You guys are doing it for me! All the proof I need is right here!

Cindybin said...

My reply part 2: And then of course you are just like all the others where you accuse me of thinking that anybody who smokes pot is a "bad person." Oh that drives me nuts! My whole point is trying to get you guys to realize that you are too GOOD to be doing something like using drugs! If you are so good, then you of ALL people should know better! Again, what parent would EVER raise their kids to grow up and smoke POT?? That isn't raising them to be a "robot with a narrow-minded view"! What a thing to say! Parents HAVE to tell their kids to avoid drugs! It is ILLEGAL! No parent wants to bail their child out of jail and have them face a stern, harsh judge who doesn't know them from Adam and treats them like dirt! And it won't help to tell the judge that you are a good person or that you saw some "documentary" on YouTube that shows how safe marijuana is. Do you understand that?? But even if pot were legal, I sure don't know any parents who would want their kids to grow up and use it to get high! What a thing to do!

Again, I don't have to write any more pot blogs; you guys are doing all the work for me.

Tamalee Person said...

It's Jane Austen, not Austin. You claim to read her, yet you can't spell her last name correctly?
As for your misguided notions about religion, drugs, alcohol, etc. I won't even try.

Cindybin said...

Tamalee, thanks for the correction on Jane Austen's last name--it had been a while since I read her and I forgot, lol.

You sound like a good mother, advocating drug and alcohol use, and being against the Mormon church. Take care!