Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Twinkies have been tasted and the verdict is in: they are yummy.

“Yum city!” to be exact, as my four-year-old granddaughter declared. Even after several weeks, she still dreams of eating another.

“I crave them so much, I wish I had them every day,” she says.

As I mentioned in a previous blog, we were planning to introduce the grandkids to their first Twinkies, something we always enjoyed in our youth (along with Ho-Ho’s, Ding Dongs and Cupcakes). After all the brouhaha regarding Hostess and Twinkies being discontinued and then brought back on the shelves again, the focus on this legendary treat intensified, and when little Grandson heard us talking about it, he kept repeating the word “Twinkies.” It apparently was fun for him to say, and that got us thinking about how “deprived” the grandkids were. Not that that’s a bad thing; their mom makes sure to make healthier goodies at home, such as zucchini cookies.

“They are wise to me,” she says. “I put vegetables in my treats. But they still think they are way better than any store-bought snacks.”

Even so, the sugary, total junk food cakes-in-a-wrapper proved to be a hit. Granddaughter polished hers off completely, while her little brother ate most of his, leaving about ¼ of the cake and a large glob of cream-filling on his face. We got some cute pictures of them posed with the Twinkie box. For privacy reasons I won’t post them, but let’s just say that if Hostess used them in their marketing campaign, they would probably make a bundle!

After cleaning the kids up, Grandpa put the box away and later took it out of the house to give away to friends. We, along with the kids’ parents, did not want to make this a habit. After all, we ARE concerned about promoting good nutrition. But for a once-in-awhile thing, it was fun for them—and us (even though I didn’t have any, thanks to my low-carb eating.)

Still, I don’t think the kids will ever forget their first Twinkie tasting. To this day, Granddaughter points out the package whenever she goes grocery shopping.

“She finds it every time,” says Mom.

At least she doesn’t ask to buy them.

And I think Grandson may even consider the whole event somewhat of a spiritual experience. I heard that for days afterward, when asked what he was grateful for during his bedtime prayer, his answer was simple:

“Grandma, Grandpa, Twinkies,” he said.

Ah…Oh well, at least he named us off first!


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