Sunday, August 25, 2013

Re-wigging Faithful Friends Heidi Ott Doll, Friend to American Girl

My Faithful Friends doll has had a makeover!

The Faithful Friends are 19” historical play dolls that were sold at Target in the 1990’s. I found one named Beth several years ago lying on the ground at a garage sale, dirty and naked, with her blonde hair cut to shoulder length. She had such a pretty face, and for 50 cents, I couldn’t pass her up. I had no idea who she was but finally identified her with the help of an online doll group. They were designed by Swedish doll artist Heidi Ott, and the collection included four main female dolls—Beth, Maggie, Ellie and Hannah. Boy dolls were made as well. Originally priced at $35, I learned that they were a bargain for their quality and play value. A series of four books accompanied the dolls, telling of the girls’ adventures on the prairie in 1896.

About that time, I looked on eBay and found a couple more dolls from the series, including red-haired Maggie in her original sailor outfit, and another naked Beth, this one with a REALLY bad haircut, and she was even missing two middle fingers on her right hand! But she was so cheap—probably about $4.99 or so, that I couldn’t pass her up, either. I thought I would try my hand at re-wigging her, but never got around to it until now, thanks to a couple of videos by doll collector Rhonda who recently gave a review on these girls and inspired me to do it.

And here is Beth today! With her long blonde hair and cute poodle skirt and top, she is a “modern girl” for the time being. I might make a prairie outfit for her and take her back in time. Although I do like her the way she is, and she makes a cute friend for the American Girls. She has already become acquainted with them in their new kitchen, while Faithful Friends Maggie and my original garage-sale Beth hang out together across the room. I would like to re-wig my first Beth, too. Either way, I think one of the Beths will be historical and the other will be modern.

But it was quite an accomplishment for me to re-wig a doll, as I’d never done it before! It was a bit hard to get the wig off; I read directions online and used a spoon and a flat screwdriver to pry it loose, along with all my strength to finally pull it off. If anyone out there is thinking of re-wigging, don’t be too afraid to try it. If I can do it, anyone can. And the results are worth it!


Rhonda Fincher said...

Beth looks amazing! I love the quality of the wig it's so shiny and the color is beautiful! I'm impressed you re-wigged a doll. You're very brave to do it.

Cindybin said...

Thanks Rhonda--I'm really glad I did it, so pleased with how she turned out.

Helene Henkel said...
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Helene Henkel said...

Beautiful job

Helene Henkel said...

Beautiful job

Lee and Julie Jacobsen said...

Where did you get your new wig? How much did you spend? And how did you put it on? I have a Beth doll of my own that was mine as a kid, and I would like to make her new for my daughter now.

Thank you!