Thursday, July 18, 2013

Twinkies Return, and David Letterman Jokes

Have you had a new Twinkie yet? They are back on the shelves and ready to eat, after being on hiatus for eight months when its original owners went bankrupt.  Of course I won’t be having any, since I follow the controlled-carb program Somersize. My grandkids don’t even know what Twinkies are, but my toddler grandson seems mesmerized by the word; he heard Grandpa say Twinkie and then repeated it clear as a bell. “Twinkie!” he says with a grin. Grandpa says he’s going to buy just one and share it with the kids. It is, after all, an American tradition. I used to eat Twinkies, Hostess Cupcakes, and Ding Dongs by the boxful as a kid, and never thought anything of it!  

I laughed at Letterman’s jokes last night about the return of the Twinkie. He said that they are healthier now. 

“I found that disappointing—I mean, you’re not eating them because they’re good for you,” he said. “But they are healthy. The version you can buy now are free-range Twinkies.”

He also said that you can get the Twinkies at your favorite supermarket “or wherever you buy sponge rubber and foam insulation products.”

And finally he noted that Twinkies are supposed to last longer these days. Letterman doesn’t think that’s a problem, though, adding “Heck, I had one in the 60’s I’m still trying to digest!”


Anonymous said...

I thought Somersizing didn't allow Twinkies.

Love, Whosedawg

-- said...

I used to love these (a version of these; the ones I got weren't the original twinkies) in grade school. They were my recess delicacy! Haven't really lusted after them since though, haha. And I have to say, I didn't notice they were missing either. :)

Cindybin said...

Twinkies aren't allowed on Somersize. I didn't say I was going to actually eat any. And is this the REAL "Whosedawg" I used to talk to back on the old Yahoo boards? I hope not.