Thursday, June 20, 2013


Look who I found! It’s Midge! Barbie’s original best friend!

I was at Target yesterday and there they were, all the girls from Barbie’s “Life in the Dreamhouse” reality web series (see my blog from December 2012). The Dreamhouse Collection includes Barbie, Raquelle, Teresa, Summer, Nikki, Midge, and Ken (although I didn’t see Ken). They also had talking dolls with Barbie and Raquelle. I bought Midge, and also Summer mainly because of her darling multi-colored outfit (I haven’t yet opened her).

Midge came out in the early 60s as a more “wholesome” doll for those parents who complained about Barbie being too mature-looking for their little girls. Midge was popular at first but then vanished in the late 60’s. She returned in the late 80s and was seen periodically throughout the 90s. I got one of the very first Midges in 1963, and still have her. Here she is above with my new Midge, 50 years later!

This dreamhouse Midge has the very popular Steffie face mold, first introduced on another doll from the Barbie line in the 70s. She has beautiful reddish hair and Midge’s signature freckles. She and the other dolls even have rooted eyelashes! Her outfit matches the one in the animated series, and she also comes with an additional fashion. Her body is articulated and easy to pose, unlike the original Midge and Barbie.

I was surprised to see Midge show up at Barbie’s dreamhouse in all her unposeable black and white glory. The video link below, “A Smidge of Midge”, will take you through her makeover by modern-day Barbie and her sisters, turning her “from flashback to flash-fabulous!”


limeiling07 said...

Hola! que suerte poder tener a esas 2 Midges! me encantaron las fotos

Saludos desde Chile!

Venus Star said...

Midge is adorbs! My mom has the pregnant Midge doll (who was banned from stores when I was little), and the Life in the Dreamhouse one. I wish I had gotten Barbie, but I can't find her in stores anymore! I guess I'll just settle with my McDonald's dolls for now. :P