Saturday, March 02, 2013


Here is my small Chatty Cathy collection! Chatty Cathy was the best-selling doll in the 60’s besides Barbie. Made by Mattel, she was 20” tall and all vinyl, and had a pull-string to make her talk. She said 11 different phrases! The original Chatty Cathy had blonde hair and blue eyes. Later versions include brunette and auburn-haired dolls. Chatty Cathy’s baby sister, Chatty Baby, was introduced in 1962, followed by Tiny Chatty Baby and Tiny Chatty Brother. Charmin’ Chatty came out in 1963. She was 24 inches tall and had a slot in her side to insert records. Singin’ Chatty was the last issue of the doll, introduced in 1965.

I had Chatty Cathy and Chatty Baby as a little girl in the early 60’s, but I packed them away in the attic in my teen years and they are long gone. I like to think they are now in the hands of a nice adult collector, but who knows! I bought my first Chatty as an adult from eBay a number of years ago, and have acquired a few more from eBay and vintage doll shows. None of mine are rare and none of them work (most of the pull strings are missing, even). But I still love them.

I am including American Girl Mia to show how she compares with Chatty Cathy. As you can see, they both have very similar mouths with the two front teeth showing.

Just as a fun fact: There was a remake of Chatty Cathy in 1970 with the voice of Maureen McCormick (“Marcia Marcia Marcia! of the Brady Bunch). This doll did not resemble the original Chatty dolls and are not as sought after by collectors.

Here is a YouTube video of my collection!

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