Tuesday, February 05, 2013


I think there was some sports event Sunday--something they call "The Superbowl" or "The Big Game." Well we didn't have any Superbowl party. We had a Stargate SG-1 Party! WOO HOO! GO TEAM GO!

This military science adventure series ran for ten years starting in 1997, and we watch it every Sunday evening--two episodes at a time--even though we've seen them all before. Some of it goes over my head and sometimes I have to close my eyes if there is a torture scene. Ugh! But for the most part, I enjoy the show and understand what's going on.

It stars Richard Dean Anderson, Michael Shanks, Amanda Tapping and Christopher Judge. They are part of the SG-1, the Air Force special forces squad that explores the galaxy and defends it against alien threats. Anderson is a colonel and leader of the group. Shanks, who plays Daniel Jackson, is a brilliant Egyptologist, and cute to boot! (I included two additional pictures of him, as you can see!) Tapping plays Samantha Carter, an astrophysicist, and Judge is an alien who wants to lead his race to freedom. Don't we all?

Here are a few YouTube clips. The first is a fan video detailing  Col. Jack O'Neill's 7 Rules of Gate Travel. Next is a short humorous video called "Daniel Jackson screws up again" and the third video is a short clip of Daniel Jackson making six faces in four seconds. Enjoy!

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Rat Fink said...

Admit you're sad that the magnificently voiced and visaged Leonard Nimoy (at least in the 60s) is no longer with us. I want this concession, dernit.

Mr. Spock is dead. Long live Mr. Spock!