Tuesday, December 04, 2012


Ever wondered what Barbie’s little sister Skipper has looked like through the years? I know you lie awake at night thinking about this. So as usual, it’s Cindybin’s Blog to the rescue. I have lined up a selection of Skipper dolls, beginning with her debut in 1964 up through the brunette beauty she is today.

Starting from the left, we have the original Skipper, then Living Skipper from 1970, Growing Up Skipper from 1974 (twist her arm and she grows taller and sprouts a chest), Sun Lovin’ Malibu Barbie from the late 70s with painted on tan lines, Teen Sweetheart Skipper from 1987, Pet Pals Skipper from the early 90s, the new, taller “Teen Skipper” beginning in the late 90’s through the early 2000’s, Skipper from the camping family line of a few years ago, and the Skipper of today with brown hair and a pink or purple streak. I have included a few close-up pictures of some of the dolls as well.

This is just a small sample of all the Skippers that were produced over the years. But it will give you an idea of how she has evolved and what role she has played in the Barbie family! Which is your favorite?

And here are a couple of cute Skipper commercials:

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