Saturday, November 24, 2012


The kitties were meowing like crazy so I got out their bowls and emptied the can of cat food into them, mixed it with a little water and started to set them down on the floor. Suddenly Bowler the big black cat, in his eagerness to snarf down his meal, lunged up and knocked one of the bowls out of my hand, causing wet gooey meat to fall on the floor and all over his brother Brisco’s back. Of course instead of holding still so that Mommy could clean him off, Brisco’s first reaction is to RUN. He darts into the dining room as I chase him, and hides under the table. I have no other choice but to return to the kitchen and wipe the food off the floor, salvaging what I can for the empty bowl. Then I call Brisco sweetly to lure him to his dish. He finally arrives and starts eating, while I quickly wipe off his meaty back with a wet washcloth.

And that’s one reason to not to have two cats. I can give you lots of other reasons, but there isn’t room. (But then they curl up so cutely together and I remember why it’s also FUN to have two cats!) 

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