Saturday, November 24, 2012


Here’s a tip: When doing a Google image search for Barbie’s boyfriend “Palm Beach Ken”, try to be a little more specific. Otherwise you’ll end up like me and get a bunch of pictures of some really scary-looking guys named Ken from Palm Beach.

Yes, I’m talking mug shots. I had no idea there were so many criminals out there named Ken from that particular area. Oh well, I guess I should have known to add the word “Barbie” to my search! I often look online to get clear, close-up photos of some of my garage sale Barbies and friends dolls. It helps in identifying them and there are some beautiful images out there on sites like Flickr, etc., taken by doll collectors.

The above photo shows my Palm Beach Ken and Barbie from 2001, which have been in my garage sale stash for a number of years. With winter coming up, it might make you want to get out your swimsuit and head for warmer weather!

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