Tuesday, November 06, 2012


Did you vote today? I did! See, I got a sticker and everything! I asked if they had any Barbie or Disney Princess stickers, but they said no. Oh well.

So yeah, this is the first time I voted since Jimmy Carter! Heehee. Actually I think I voted for Clinton (before the “incident”).

If you haven’t voted yet, be sure to do so! We must exercise democracy! It is our right! It is our DUTY as citizens to vote! But only if you are voting for the RIGHT candidate. Otherwise stay home.

Thank you.


whopTbird said...

Did you really tell people if they didn't vote for the person you think is right they should stay home? Wow.

Cindybin said...

No, that was a joke.

Anonymous said...

Cindybin you do know that America is a Constitutional Republic not a Democracy.

Also the The Declaration of Independence, the American Constitution and The American Bill Of Rights is written on Hemp which is the male half of the Cannabis plant. It is the female half of the Cannabis plant that is used as medicine and recreation. BTW I own a jacket and a wallet that are both made of Hemp.

BTW Cindybin you are not a god and you cannot control the thoughts and actions of others.

You are suffering from a mental illness called the God Complex because you think you are God when in truth you are just an imperfect mortal human being who makes mistakes just like everyone else.

I trully pity you Cindybin.

Cindybin said...

I am perfect and never make mistakes.