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If you’re a fan of the Monkees, you’ve probably seen her: the cute blonde who was often in the background or playing walk-on parts, and who even starred in one episode. She’s Valerie Kairys, sometimes known as “the fifth Monkee” because she appeared in more episodes than any other actor. Thirteen, in fact--which is quite a few considering the program ran only two seasons. It’s even rumored that the Monkees’ song “Valerie” is about her.

A classic 60’s girl, Valerie had a pretty face with long blonde hair, and a bright personality that fit in perfectly with the show’s innovative rock and roll theme. I could always spot her no matter how briefly she appeared, whether it was a spectator at a sporting event or a guest at a party. Her roles also included being a go-go dancer in “Some Like it Lukewarm” and the “pretty girl” on the rowing machine with Mike in “The Case of the Missing Monkee.” She was even rescued by Monkee firefighters in “Monkee vs. Machine”. Her biggest part was as Toby Willis in the episode “Monkees A La Mode”, where she was a reporter interviewing the group. This was the only episode where she received credit.

According to what I have found online, Valerie was born in Europe and raised in Hollywood. She was discovered at age 16 by a casting agent. After the Monkees TV show ended, she went on to appear in their movie Head, and then as Kitty in Batman. She was in a few other movies including Easy Rider and Vanishing Point.

According to a message board, many Monkees fans (including me) were wondering what happened to her, until someone spotted a video for a trailer to promote a short film she did in 2010 with fellow Monkees extra Roxanne Albee. Called “Breaking Bread”, Roxanne plays a nun and Valerie is the other woman in the film. I don’t want to go into details about the subject matter, but let me just say it involves marijuana (ugh).

Valerie is also on Facebook as Valerie Kairys Venet, where she posted a picture of herself with Davy Jones at the Grammy awards shortly before he died. On her page, she thanked fans for their condolences and said that Davy was a very big part of her life. Their last words were expressing their love toward one another, she said.

Here are a few tribute videos that show Valerie on the Monkees, and more recently in Breaking Bread. I hope you enjoy them! The 60’s screen captures are from the site The Sunshine Factory which has a lot of other good photos of Valerie and the Monkees.

Valerie Kairys tributes by Cader1dris:





Valerie Kairys Venet and the Monkees tribute by clairew02011

Breaking Bread trailer:

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