Saturday, June 02, 2012


The following is a rerun of a blog I wrote a few years ago, about John Hopkins University and their 2009 year-end thank you video:

Cindybin's Video Pick of the Week: JOHN HOPKINS AND GOMEZ ADAMS

“’Tish, you spoke French!”

Who doesn’t recognize that famous line from Gomez Addams to his lovely wife Morticia? Anywhere, anytime, the foreign accent drove him wild. Not to mention the other wild and spooky things that happened in that eccentric clan!

The Addams Family is one of my favorite shows, running in the mid-60’s along with another creepy and kooky family show, The Munsters. (I’m proud to own the entire DVD sets for both series.) I happened to catch a glimpse of The Addams’ the other day and was curious to see who was still alive, so I looked it up on Wiki. Carolyn Jones, who played Morticia, died in 1983 at age 53 (the same age as me, ack!). Of course Grandmama and Uncle Fester are both deceased, and Lurch died in his 40’s. Little Pugsley and Wednesday are all grown up, and even Cousin Itt is still around. That leaves John Astin as Gomez, who at 79 is definitely alive and kicking, and even featured in a cute music video I will share with you.

Astin had numerous roles throughout his long career, but is probably best known for his role as Gomez. He graduated from Johns Hopkins University in 1952 as a drama major and continues to act. What’s more, he teaches method acting and directing in the Writing Seminars Department at his alma mater, and hopes to re-establish a drama major at the University.

In a recent music video released by Hopkins, Astin can be briefly seen singing and playing the cowbell. Faculty, staff and students joined together to create this production as a year-end thank you to supporters and friends of the University. It’s well worth viewing several times to catch all the witty, clever and interesting effects. The tune is catchy, too! You wouldn’t have to watch it but you’ll be glad that you did, that you did…



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