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(This is a rerun of an article from my old Yahoo blog from 2009.)

Let’s raise a toast—to preventing cancer! Only instead of champagne, we’ll drink water! Or perhaps organic carrot juice? Orange Crush, maybe? It can be anything, as long as there is no alcohol in it!

Well! If you think there is nothing wrong with drinking “in moderation” or even consuming a little bit of alcohol, think again. Now we are finding out that even drinking a small amount of booze can raise a woman’s risk of developing cancer of the breast, liver and rectum.

Yahoo News recently ran an article from HealthDay which said that the association between moderate alcohol intake and breast cancer in women is well-known. But now, the article said, research involving more than a million middle-age women shows that “even low levels of drinking can raise a woman’s risk of developing cancer of the liver and rectum. For women who smoke, cancers of the mouth and throat were also linked to high alcohol consumption.”

Researcher Naomi Allen from the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom called the findings “robust.”

“Because a high proportion of women drink low amounts of alcohol regularly and because most of the increased risk is for breast cancer, the risk among women associated with drinking alcohol is of particular importance,” she said.

The study showed that the risk of cancer increased as alcohol consumption increased, and that the type of alcohol consumed appeared to make no difference. The report is published in the Feb. 24 online edition of the Journal of National Cancer Institute, the article said.

Of course this article went on to say that numerous studies have suggested that alcohol, especially red wine, might help deter heart disease. Well here is my study: This is just plain ridiculous. It is only common sense that any benefit is in the GRAPES, not the alcohol. Alcohol is a toxin! And I have seen other studies that show you’d have to drink hundreds of bottles of wine a day to get any benefit! The article did stress that people who are not drinkers should not start drinking to prevent heart disease. Whew! Thank goodness I don’t have to spend my hard-earned money on forcing down this horrible tasting stuff to stay alive!

But anyway, as I’ve said before, even if alcohol WERE healthy, just the fact that it is a mind-altering drug makes it wrong. It drives me nuts that there are so many people who would NEVER smoke pot because “drugs are bad” and it is bad morals to use a DRUG to relax and unwind and socialize, etc. Yet these same people think nothing of using a mind-altering drug in the form of alcohol. This is why pot-smokers call booze-drinkers hypocrites, and I don’t blame them! Booze drinkers are after the SAME psychoactive effect as a pot-smoker. And that is not good! Adults should set an example and not drink OR use marijuana!

In a related matter, let me tell you of some of the ways I have seen alcohol promoted and glorified recently. This is while trying to AVOID references to alcohol, mind you. We received the new village visitor’s bureau brochure, which had a picture of three smiling women on the cover, in front of a fireplace, holding up their wine glasses to raise a toast, with the caption, “Genuine warmth, all year long.” It was a promotion for the WINERY, the star-attraction in town. Arrggghh. Inside was a glowing article about the winery and its tours, wine education classes, food pairings and romantic holiday dinners. “And of course, every day is a wine-tasting day,” it said. There also was a welcome letter from the village president in which he raved about the winery and how it produces more than 20 varieties of this chemical. It astounds me that there would be interest in even ONE variety of wine, let alone 20. And THEN, the village promoted it’s third annual booze-festival in conjunction with this winery and other area wineries. This is an entire event centered around drinking, with glowing media coverage including front-page photos of smiling people drinking and toasting their booze glasses. This is what our own village officials promote.

And then I was walking through the room where a TV happened to be tuned to a PBS travel show, where I heard the host, Burt Wolf, say something about how most of his shows feature people drinking champagne, so let’s tour a champagne factory and see how it is made! Grrrrr.

And also received something from eBay wrapped in newspaper from South Bend, Indiana which had a big front page article interviewing a bartender who was giving tips on how to stretch your booze dollar in these tough economic times. He wants us to “branch out a little” in cocktail choices, order their $5 martinis, and buy wine by the bottle rather than the glass. He said that the place he works at has been “blessed” because business has remained steady. Well how sad is that??? What does this say about our society? That we’re a bunch of drinkers? The article closes with this guy’s advice to “have dinner, drinks. Put money into the economy. Keep the ball rolling.” Aarrrggghhhh! I would never go to a place like that! And then above this article there were pictures of people drinking at some hangout, celebrating some sports event. Wonderful.

I could go on and on, but the worst one happened less than a year ago when I received a flier for a lecture series at a local research science place. I was curious to see what the next topic would be about, thinking how nice it would be to expand my mind, learn something new and get my mind off all the alcohol references in the world. Imagine my surprise when I saw that they were planning a lecture on WINE!!! They were having some Purdue University professor talk about how great wine is! This guy is also a “wine scientist”, a commercial winemaker and German engineer, professional wine judge and “life-long wine sipper and sniffer”. His “credentials” in booze go on and on. Aarrggghhh! What’s more, he teaches “Wine Appreciation” to over 300 students every semester. Three hundred people he indoctrinates into the world of booze every semester!!! This is unbelievable to me! And he gets PAID to do this! He MAKES MONEY promoting and glorifying alcohol! I don’t get paid for ANYTHING! None of my blog articles or emails or letters, not a single dime! I’d like to teach an “anti-wine appreciation” class to 300 students a semester! I’d like to give a lecture on why we should avoid wine! But they would never have me!

So yeah, that was among the worst booze incidents I have come across. There are many, many more, but I don’t want to get any more worked up than I already am. So let me just reiterate: don’t drink booze. Not even a little. Agreed? Good. Now go get some organic carrot juice and let’s raise a toast!


Anonymous said...

Wow. I mean really? REALLY? First off wine has been a part of our culture, indeed most cultures for thousands of years. Its in the bible for Christ's sake. After reading this, I think I'm gonna go grab a bottle of wine, a bag of weed, and the latest copy of cosmo, and have more fun in one night, then you've had…probably ever.

Cindybin said...

(I approved the above comment to show what I put up with every day--this is just a sample of the kind of comments I get. I don't approve most of them because they have such profanity and they are just so stupid and insulting. But this is a typical example of what people are like and why I continue to rant against alcohol and marijuana.)

Anonymous said...

your talking to the wrong people again, i just posted in one of your marijuana posts tonight. i have a 98 year old great grandma who still drinks wine, she is perfectly fine and in good health considering her age.

Cindybin said...

AAARGGHHHH! You still don't get it! Here I am trying to HELP you people, and you just reject it. You don't even WANT to know that there is a better way to live. You think that because alcohol is legal, it must be okay. Why can't you accept my help? I just told you of the dangers of alcohol! Doesn't that mean ANYTHING?? And just because your great grandma drinks wine and is perfectly okay doesn't mean that other people will be perfectly okay! Tell that to all the women who have developed cancer because of alcohol! But as I've said a million times, even if alcohol were healthy, JUST THE FACT THAT IT'S A MIND-ALTERING DRUG MAKES IT WRONG! Can't you see that? Your great grandma wouldn't smoke pot, would she? Heaven's no, because "drugs are bad" and she isn't a drug user. But alcohol is a drug! A toxic, highly addictive psychoactive drug! Ask any doctor or go to any drug abuse website! Just because it's legal doesn't make it right! A casual booze drinker is no better than a casual pot smoker, except they aren't breaking the law. They are after the same psychoactive effect, that "buzz" one gets from a mind-altering drug. And that is not good! A grown adult should set an example and not drink! And we will NEVER get the pot smokers to understand why it's wrong to use drugs, as long as nice, decent, grown adults think nothing of using a mind-altering drug in the form of alcohol! I have chastised pot smokers for years online, trying to help them to see why it's wrong and immature to use drugs. And their number one excuse is "pot is safer than alcohol." As I've said a million times, we shouldn't smoke pot OR drink alcohol! How hard is THAT?? A grown adult should be WELL PAST the age where they would want to use a mind altering drug to get high, buzzed, relax and unwind, have "fun" enjoy life, etc.

And I have said over and over about how I'm a convert to the Mormon church and we have the Word of Wisdom which we believe to be direct revelation from God saying that alcohol is not for the body! We are taught the moral and physical reasons to avoid using these things. One of the things that ATTRACTED me to the Mormon church years ago was knowing that Mormons don't drink! What am I supposed to do, drop out of my church? Because some anonymous person only told me that their great grandma drinks wine and is perfectly fine? Who do I believe, you or GOD?? My church is important to me and I have a testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel and the Word of Wisdom. What do you want me to do, deny it??

Here I am trying to HELP you guys, and you just reject it! You go out of your WAY to try and "prove me wrong." Don't you WANT to know that there is a better way to live? Do you really want to be like "everybody else"? I was thrilled to learn about the Word of Wisdom all those years ago! And as I've said a million times, you don't even have to be Mormon or religious to know not to drink! My husband isn't Mormon and he doesn't drink! And I had stopped experimenting with alcohol BEFORE I knew about the Mormon church! My whole point is that a grown adult should be past the age where they would want to use a mind-altering drug to get "buzzed", relax, celebrate, socialize, etc.

Now I suppose you'll tell me "Jesus drank wine." Right? Oh you people drive me nuts!! I don't know why I even bother!

Iron Maiden Fan said...

Yes, having a glass of alcohol per day, over a very long period of time, may cause cancer. But having a glass of alcohol on occasion will not give anybody cancer.

Cindybin said...

It still doesn't make it right to use alcohol, because it is a mind-altering drug.

Also, that one last glass of booze you had "on occasion" might be the one that tips you over the edge and causes the cancer to start. You just never know.