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Davy is gone! Waaaahhh!!

I was in the car yesterday when I heard the news on the radio. Former Monkee and teen heartthrob Davy Jones was dead at age 66 of a heart attack. I couldn’t believe it! I almost had to pull over to the side of the road! How could he be gone?? He wasn’t even that old! I didn’t even know he was sick! And this meant that the group would never be complete again—they could never have a full reunion! All four were no more!

The Monkees were such a major part of my childhood, or ‘tween years. I remember the Beatles well, but I was a bit too young for them. When the Monkees came along a few years later, however, I was at just the right age—a dreamy ten-year-old girl glued to the TV every Monday night watching and giggling and grooving away to her favorite group. I bought their first record and even had a teen magazine with the Monkees on the cover. I still have these items! This was a big deal to me back then! On the back of their album, I wrote “Love him” over each guy’s photo. If you look closely at the scan above (click to enlarge) you can see just where I wrote my words of endearment!

Actually Mike was my favorite; I look back and realize that Davy really did have the cutest face and I loved his English accent, but he was too short and boyish. Peter was too nerdy, Mickey was okay I guess, but Mike was a real man—tall, dark and cute. And I liked his personality and how he was kind of the leader of the group. So Mike it was.

I loved them all, though. I’d dream about how one day I just might “look over my shoulder and see them standing there.” Oh what a thrill that would be! Face to face with The Monkees? It made my ten year old heart flutter with excitement.

I was crushed when their TV show was cancelled. How could they do this? They didn’t have any taste whatsoever! Didn’t those network people understand how important these guys were to us? But then I remember that strange movie “Head” came out, and the Monkees got kind of too weird for my tastes and I outgrew them.

But I actually did see Davy in concert a few years later, in 1971. By this time I had fallen in love with Mark Lindsay, lead singer of Paul Revere and the Raiders. He and Davy were touring together and came to our town. (I plan to write more about Mark in a blog next week, when he will be turning 70!) I was 14 when I saw Davy then, and remember that he put on a good show, just sang by himself and was kind of funny—the girls were whistling and cheering and he was pretending to blush and be embarrassed and saying things like “Aww shucks”.

Even though I attended that concert to see Mark, I look back now and realize that I’m glad I saw Davy, too! Just think, I was actually in the same room with him, and breathed his air. It was a rather small auditorium and not anywhere filled to capacity; by this time the Monkees had disbanded and Mark’s group wasn’t together much, either, so they were both sort of “has-beens” and just trying to make a living. Davy would have been only 25 then. Wow. A 25-year-old boy. So young!

Anyway, it really was a shock to hear the news yesterday. When I got home, I mourned on the phone with a friend my age who was as stunned as I was. I got a few emails from others about the news—both much younger than me and “second-generation fans”, but fans nonetheless. Even though I temporarily outgrew the Monkees in my youth, I now realize that I will never forget them. Several years ago I bought the entire DVD set of both seasons of the TV show and periodically watch them. Or I will sometimes view clips on YouTube, just to get a “Monkees fix.” It always takes me back to such an innocent time (even though I know they weren’t all that innocent in real life). But the show was fun and totally different and unique for its time. The DVD set is well-worth the money if you don’t have it, and the interviews and commentary with the guys are so insightful and entertaining! And I never tire of their music. I could listen to it over and over. I know they were hired for the show and didn’t form in the traditional way, but they were a great band.

Rest in peace, Davy! We will miss you.

Here are a couple of YouTube videos that you might want to check out:

Monkees and Davy Jones singing Valleri

Monkees and Davy Jones singing She Hangs Out

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